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Mobile articles by Adam Wajnberg

Adam is the content editor for Compare Broadband and Compare Mobile Plans. He is a telecommunications and internet industry veteran, having worked for almost every ISP and telco in Australia at one time or another. He specialises in cutting through the language used by providers and finding the real value in new plans and promotions. Contact Adam about his articles at [email protected].


Wild Speculation – What’s Next in Mobile

A look into the future of mobile technology, courtesy of the Higgs Boson, which is totally about time travel. read more

Mobile Deals with Free Stuff Included

Dodo, Optus and Virgin are all getting into the act of free giveaways with their 24 month contracts. But is it worth it? Or more importantly, are the phones enough of a draw? read more

What’s Wrong With These People? #4 – Sony

Sony once made the future. Now, it's hard to see Sony having a future. Where did things go wrong for this Japanese giant? read more

RIM reports quarterly loss; other firms take note

RIM, the makers of the Blackberry, have announced a dismal losing quarter and the loss of 5000 more jobs. What can other firms in the tech game learn from their rapid demise? read more

Apple releases Podcasts app for iOS

Apple has released a standalone app for the separate management of Podcasts. The app may be a response to the rise in professionally developed, regular podcasts that are shaping an alternative to trad ... read more

The best and worst phones to buy right now

Which phones should I avoid buying? is it worth going on a two year contract right now for an iPhone? What about Windows Phone and Android? read more

Windows Phone 8 Revealed, current WinPhone users left in the cold

Microsoft revealed a preview of Windows Phone 8, which will not run on existing handsets running Windows Phone. Owners of phones like those in the Nokia Lumia range will get Windows Phone 7.8 as the l ... read more

Tip - How tethering saves you money on mobile broadband

Most people don't know that you can use the data plan included with your iPhone or Android phone on other devices, by turning your device into a mobile modem. read more

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 tablet, ‘Microsoft Surface’

Microsoft has made a surprise announcement that they will manufacturing their own line of Windows 8 tablet, under the Microsoft Surface brand. The tablet will run a full version of Windows 8, and migh ... read more

What’s Wrong With These People? #3 – Nokia

Nokia was formerly the world's largest mobile manufacturer, a title it held for 10 years. How did it crash so quickly, and is there strategy enough to bring it back to relevance? read more

Apple previews iOS6

Apple has released iOS 6 to developers, for general release later this year. What new features will the operating system bring, and what clues can be gleamed about the next iPhone? read more

The Best Deals on the Best Handsets - June 2012

A look at flagship phones from Apple, Samsung, HTC and Nokia, and the best plans available right now read more