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Mobile articles by Adam Wajnberg

Adam is the content editor for Compare Broadband and Compare Mobile Plans. He is a telecommunications and internet industry veteran, having worked for almost every ISP and telco in Australia at one time or another. He specialises in cutting through the language used by providers and finding the real value in new plans and promotions. Contact Adam about his articles at [email protected].


What’s Wrong With These People? #2 – Research in Motion (BlackBerry)

In this series, we look at companies struggling in the current telecommunications landscape. RIM, the makers of the BlackBerry, have experience a dazzling decline in just 5 years, after once owning th ... read more

What’s Wrong With These People? # 1 – Vodafone

In this series, we look at companies struggling in the current telecommunications landscape. First up is Vodafone, which has failed to turn things around since their 2010 network collapse. read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Samsung has upped the ante in its war with Apple, releasing a sequel to the blockbuster Galaxy S2. Will the S3 grab enough hearts and minds to prevent the iPhone 5 from taking over the world? read more

Who Will Facebook Buy to Make a FacePhone?

Facebook has been shopping around for the parts needed to build a Facebook phone. Can they take on Apple, Samsung and Google? read more

Spotify comes to Australia

Spotify, a free streaming music service with a 16 million song library, has finally arrived in Australia. Available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android read more

What now for Facebook?

Facebook is now a public company, worth $104 bn. They've barely cracked $1bn in yearly profits to date. How will they transform to become profitable? read more

ACMA lays down the law on dodgy mobile content providers

ACMA lays down the law on dodgy mobile content providers read more

Next iPhone to have 4 inch screen, helicopter, sprinkler system

Rumors of a 4 inch screen for the next iPhone have come out of Japan and South Korea, via the Wall Street Journal. Like all iPhone rumors, the knock-on effects have been huge. But what would a slightl ... read more

iOS usage beats Android 2 to 1 in Oz

Apple's iOS operating system controls 50% of the smartphone market, compared to 25% for Google's Android, according to research from, awkwardly, Google. Australia is now a majority smartphone country, ... read more

What’s next in mobiles

We look at what's next from Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Nokia and *sigh* BlackBerry. read more

Buying an iPad as a gift for Mother’s Day

iPads are overall the best tablet money can buy right now - and probably not for as much money as you think. But is it the right gift for your Mum this Mother's Day? read more

BlackBerry ups and loses its damn mind

Research in Motion, the makers of the BlackBerry mobile phone, have finally unveiled the secret behidn their Wake Up ad campaign. The secret is that you're a stupid sheep. read more