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Mobile articles by Adam Wajnberg

Adam is the content editor for Compare Broadband and Compare Mobile Plans. He is a telecommunications and internet industry veteran, having worked for almost every ISP and telco in Australia at one time or another. He specialises in cutting through the language used by providers and finding the real value in new plans and promotions. Contact Adam about his articles at [email protected].


Pick up a new phone for Mum this Mother's Day!

What's the best phone to pick up for Mum this Mother's day? We look at a few options from Optus, Vodafone and Virgin read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Preview

Samsung have announced their successor to the Galaxy S2, the cleverly named Galaxy S3. We take a look at the next big Android handset read more

Vodafone, Optus to share expanded network

Vodafone and Optus will begin roaming agreements and shared network expansions in a bid to overcome the competition from Telstra's superior network. read more

Optus $89 plan with free broadband

Optus has released a complex new deal that offers a good mobile contract with a new phone, and a free fixed-line broadband service thrown in. How does it compare? read more

RIM doesn't introduce revolutionary new “mobile phone” device

RIM, the makers of BlackBerry phones, staged a keynote today that revealed a new direction, but no new hardware for sale. read more

Vodafone continues customer win-back - coupon deal until May 15

Vodafone is continuing its charm offensive to win back customers, with a new network, great deals on phones and now limited time coupons to save even more money read more

Apple announces more record breaking profits, yawns obnoxiously

Apple has announced another $12 billion in profits for the first quarter of 2012. What's next for the world's largest company? read more

Vodafone $39 Infinite Text offer - Ok plan, great phones

The limited-time only Vodafone $39 Infinite Text plan isn't the best value deal out there, but it's easily the plan with the best handsets on the cheap. read more

Oh no you di'int! Dodo takes on Amaysim with Magic SIM

Dodo's Magic Sim prepaid plan finally offers a challenge to Amaysim's almost too-good to be true Unlimited plan. The Dodo plan offers even better value read more

whyPad - Should I get an iPad?

Will iPads replace PCs? Maybe not, but they might be a better alternative to those for whom a PC was never the best fit. read more

Predictions - iPhone 5

The next iPhone will probably be with us in october. What can we expect? read more

Optus outlines digital services plan at CommsDay summit

Optus has outlined their plan to use digital services to achieve growth, at the 2012 commsday summit read more