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Mobile articles by James Sandri
James is a writer by day and an obsessed audio/technology freak at night, usually found tweaking his hifi or mixer for hours until perfect. He is content writer for Compare Broadband, informing readers on new technology and the ever-developing state of the internet. He will help you understand what plan best suits your needs, whoever you are! James can be reached about his articles at [email protected]

CyanogenMod meets it's maker

Overstock, one of America’s largest online retailers totalling 1.1 billion dollars in revenue last year, started accepting bitcoin late last week. Is a game changer for the adoption of Bitcoin for lar ... read more

Jelly. The new app from the makers of Twitter.

Jelly is dubbed a “Q&A” network and aims to answer life's greatest questions. Or rather it aims to get you to answer life’s greatest questions.The new app from the makers of Twitter. read more

Encrypted Texts coming to 10 million Android users

Several months ago we investigated the ramifications of NSA’s PRISM program and how the online community was reacting. We offered a number of solutions that allowed users to encrypt both their calls a ... read more

Switching from iPhone to Android

Switching from iPhone to Android read more

Apple working on a curved iPhone?

Apple working on a curved iPhone? read more

Commonwealth Bank goes NFC

Commonwealth Bank goes NFC read more

Apple debuts iPhone 5S TV Spot

Apple debuts iPhone 5S TV Spot read more

How to NSA proof your phone

How to NSA proof your phone read more

Apple working on a "budget" iPhone?

 read more

Instagram meets Video.

Announced last week at the Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters is the new Video feature for Instagram. It’s their answer to Vine, allowing users to take 3-15 seconds of video that can you apply filters ... read more

No 4G support for "Nexus" HTC One and Galaxy S4 in Australia

Sidelining both the HTC One and Galaxy S4 revealings was the news that Google would release their own versions of the handsets. Google’s offerings would bring the stock Android Jelly Bean to the phone ... read more

Vodafone loses 216,000 customers

Vodafone's quarterly figures for the beginning of 2013 reveal a substantial drop in it's user base. Is this the end for Vodafone Australia? read more

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