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Mobile articles by Katarina Matic
Kat is a former site contributor for VTAC and is currently studying graphic design. Her specialty is in writing about new mobile apps for iOS and Android. She can be reached for questions about her articles at [email protected]  

Apple releases iPhone game controllers

The first official iOS game controller has finally been released. Earlier this year Apple announced plans to develop a standardised game controller to be used across their iOS platforms. The concept b ... read more

Samsung to pay Apple $290 million for infringement

A Californian jury has reached the verdict that Samsung should pay Apple $290 million (AU $311.74 million) for patent infringement. read more

Facebook to buy BlackBerry?

According to reports by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is interested in buying the BlackBerry. Reportedly several Facebook executives met with BlackBerry last week to discuss the potential buy out. read more

Instagram introduces advertisements on newsfeeds

The introduction of advertisements is a major change to Instagram, but not surprising to say the least. When first launched, Instagram operated through private funding from various investors. But in A ... read more

Review of Apple’s new iOS 7 for the iPhone

Didn’t get your hands on the new iPhone5s or 5c? Why not upgrade your current iPhone instead! If you’ve been jealous of those who have Apple’s new iPhone then performing a system upgrade may just be t ... read more

Review: iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

Review: iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c read more

Phonebloks: The first fully customisable smartphone

Phonebloks is the first fully customisable smartphone which allows users to chop and change almost every facet of their device and tailor it to their liking. Like the name suggest, Phonebloks is compr ... read more

After Kogan: what happened and what are your other options?

Kogan Mobile customers will no longer be able to recharge their Kogan Mobile accounts. This is regardless of when your plan expires and what existing voice and text message balances you still have. Cu ... read more

Amaysim is amazing! Unlimited talk and text for $39.90

If you are not familiar with Amaysim’s unlimited talk and text plan then please read on! Amaysim’s mobile plan is extremely generous in value and is a great way to save money on mobile phone bills eac ... read more

How to create better Instagram pictures

If you’ve been using Instagram for long enough you are most probably aware of the limiting photo filters that they have on offer. Although there are now 20 different filters to choose from, the high c ... read more

New Optus mobile phone plans

Optus, mobOptus have dramatically restructured their mobile phone plans today in a bid to improve customer satisfaction. The new plans called “My Plans” aims to tackle the increasing problem of custom ... read more

Public transport apps to help you get around

Do you need an iPhone app to help you get around? An iPhone app can be more than just a fun gadget on your mobile phone, when developed well an app can be a feature on your phone that you use daily an ... read more

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