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Written by Alana Faigen

It’s astonishing that more people aren’t connected with TPG for their mobile phone plan. TPG offers some of the cheapest plans on the market, whilst including loads of call value, data and the freedom of a no term contract. While some providers drive up the cost of call rates to include higher call values, TPG maintains reasonable call rates which are comparable to other Australian mobile phone providers.

What network does TPG use?

TPG uses the Optus network to provide you with mobile coverage. The Optus Open Network offers coverage to 97% of the Australian population, and gives you the ability to access 2G and 3G services. The Optus network has the second widest coverage in Australia.

Does TPG offer a mobile phone with their plans?

TPG is not offering any mobile handsets with their plans, however they are planning to offer a new range of handsets in the near future. This means the TPG plans will suit customers who already own a handset which they are happy with, or if you’d like to purchase a new handset outright. If your mobile is locked to the Optus network, it will work with TPG as they use the same network.

How does TPG provide me with the plan if they don’t offer mobile handsets?

TPG will provide you with access to their plans by sending out a SIM card to insert into your phone. They offer both standard SIM cards and Micro SIM cards depending on the device you own. iPad users can request for the Micro SIM card to use in their tablet device. Customers will be debited a $20 one-off charge to receive the new SIM card when they first sign up.

TPG Talk and Text Cap Plans

There are three Talk and Text Cap Plans to choose from: light, medium or heavy. Customers who sign up after 19 April 2011 will have international call charges as an inclusion as part of their cap. So if you spent $5 on an international call, this fee will be taken out from your cap rather than being charged outside your cap, which instantly leads to extra charges.

There is a high amount of data included in each plan, however heavy data users should note that if they exceed their data, it’s charged at 0.2c/10KB (that’s $20 per MB!) so it’s important to monitor your usage online if you think you may exceed your data allowance.

The call rates:

Standard national calls (per 30 seconds): 40c
Flagfall for national calls: 35c
SMS: 25.3c
Data rate: 0.2c/10KB

Light: $9.99 per month
TPG to any network: $125
TPG-to-TPG calls: $125
Mobile data: 250MB

Medium: $18.99 ($14.99 if you’re a TPG broadband customer)
TPG to any network: $330
TPG-to-TPG calls: $370
Mobile data: 1GB

Heavy: $35.99 ($29.99 if you’re a TPG broadband customer)
TPG to any network: $600
TPG-to-TPG calls: $400
Mobile data: 2GB

TPG Pay As You Go Plan

TPG’s Pay As You Go Plan is suited for very light users who may only need a mobile for receiving calls and the occasional outbound call. The call rates are exceptionally low, however there is no included call value. Customers should note that voicemail deposits or retrieval are exclusions from this cap, and each is charged at 15c per 30 seconds.

Budget: $1
TPG-to-TPG or any other network: 9.9c/min
Flagfall for national calls: 10c
Mobile data: 50MB included (150MB for TPG broadband customers), 2.75c/MB once you have exceeded your allowance.

To sign up or find out more about TPG’s mobile phone plans, call us at Compare Broadband on 1300 764 000.


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