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LG Optimus 3D

  • First 3D phone
  • 3D performance surprisingly crisp and effective, even if usefulness is limited
  • Stylish LG design
Written by Adam Wajnberg

LG might argue that it started the smartphone revolution just slightly before Apple did. The LG Prada, released in 2006, beat the iPhone just slightly in the black-rectangle-touchscreen form factor race, and the two companies have bickered about it since. Meanwhile, LG has slipped behind Apple and Samsung to third place in the worldwide smartphone wars, though it sits further back in Australia (the brand still enjoys healthy market share in Asia). With the adoption of the Android operating system into the flagship Optimus range of phones, LG has a chance to compete with Samsung and HTC for Android dominance.

LG’s line of flagship Optimus phones was the first to include a 3D option with the LG Optimus 3D. Utilizing parallax barrier 3D technology (ie. doesn’t require glasses) and sporting dual cameras, the phone boasts LG’s usual sleek design aesthetic, with some impressive additions. An HDMI-out port allows the user to display 3D stills and movies they’ve created onto any 3D TV, maintaining an impressive 720p resolution. The 3D is crisp and surprisingly effective, though the range of 3rd party Android applications that can take advantage of this technology is limited. LG package a few demo apps in with the phone, but so far, it’s mostly a gimmick.

Competition has started to emerge, but surprisingly for a pioneer, the Optimus 3D provides the best 3D option on the market, encased in an otherwise powerful and stylish unit. Time will tell if the 3D add-on will be enough to set LG apart from its competitors, but it’s good to see LG still offering something different.

Slim, stylish design
Crisp screen resolution
HDMI out

3D impressive and fun, but not yet useful
Sluggish performance in some applications


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