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Amaysim expands unlimited plan

  • Amaysim adds free 13 and 18 numbers
  • Direct response to customer feedback
  • 13 and 18 numbers judged part of the "norm" for Australian calling
Written by Mikaella Clements

Amaysim have announced that their Unlimited Plan will now extend to include 13 and 18 numbers amongst the free calls.


The Unlimited Plan, which already included unlimited local, national, and mobile calls for a mere $39.90 a month, has added free 13 and 18 numbers to the plan in response to a lot of customer feedback.

CEO Rolf Hansen announced in a blog today that 13 and 18 numbers were now considered "the norm" amongst Australians and has included them in the Unlimited Amaysim Plan as a direct result of feedback to Amaysim's Facebook, Twitter, and Australian call centre.

He stated that they hadn't immediately put the 13 and 18 numbers into the Unlimited Plan as they had been trying to find a way to do so without raising the cost of the plan. Now, he said, "[d]espite the draconian numbering plan which drives up the cost of 13 and 18 calls (which the Australian Communications and Media Authority plans to look into), you won't have to wear the extra charges for calling them". He highlighted the importance for people to be able to call "essential services" such as banks, government departments, insurance departments, and even pizza delivery hotlines without having to pay the extra charges for the calls.

It's a clear indication that Amaysim are taking customer feedback seriously, and motivation to contact your own mobile phone provider with suggestions and feedback if you're not entirely happy with your plan. Sometimes they really do listen!

Customers on Amaysim plans have proven themselves very happy, with an overflow of praise in the comments.

The Amaysim Unlimited Plan is a great value mobile cap, which gives you unlimited calls and texts along with 4GB of data for $39.90/month. If you sign up in the next few days before February 29th, you could get 20% off your first order! Give Amaysim a call on 1300 209 198.


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