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Apple working on a curved iPhone?

  • Bloomberg report suggests Apple is working on new prototypes
  • Larger displays and curved glass touchscreen
  • Are the rumors legitimate?
Written by James Sandri

Reports from Bloomberg indict that Apple is working on phone prototypes with larger displays and curved glass bodies. Supposedly planned for a release in the second half of next year are two handsets with screens of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively. The latter of which is approaching the size of Samsung’s Galaxy Note (5.7 inches).


Another similarity to Samsung’s handsets in this report is the inclusion of a curved design from Apple. Samsung debuted a prototype handset earlier this year which incorporated a curved glass display with a few ergonomic extras that took advantage of the curved touch screen. This report suggests that Apple is exploring a similar design and even testing touch screens that sense the pressure of a user’s fingers. The suggested explorations that Apple is taking do seem like a far stretch from their established design language we’ve come to know expect. However, iPhone 5C was also a departure from Apple’s norm. Could we possibly see Apple taking some more unexpected directions?

Apple’s biggest lag behind Android handsets over the past few years has definitely been the reduced screen size of iPhones when compared with Android handsets. An increase of display size may open up a new market for Apple and perhaps a chance to steal some of Android’s die hard devotees. A 5.5 inch iPhone might also fill up the gap between the iPad and the iPhone ranges offering users a nice combination of both.

Worth keeping in mind that rumors of a larger iPhone in the works have been around for a long time now. Are we really going to see some new variations of one of Apple’s strongest devices? With the recent direction of the Apple’s releases who knows. Nobody expected the iPhone 5C (when the prototype leaked people refused to believe that Apple would release a plastic iPhone) but it came and it sold. The new Mac Pro is a revolutionary new design even by Apple’s standards, nobody expected that either. Keeping these recent directions in mind it may not be strange if in a years time we’re all holding super-sized iPhones with curved screens. Heck, a new iPhone may even be the boost that Apple needs to keep things fresh. When revealing the new Mac Pro, Apple exec Phil Schiller said to the crowd in response to some of the criticism Apple has received: "Can't innovate anymore, my ass”.

Let’s hope he’s right.



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