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GTA: San Andreas arrives on iPhone

  • 2004 Game of Year returns for a mobile revival
  • Give Grove street a second chance.
  • Where can I download it?


2004’s Game of Year returns for a mobile resurrection. Return home to Grove Street a second time ‘round  in GTA San Andreas for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Weighing in at around 1.6GB (2.5GB for Windows Phone), the mobile version of the highly acclaimed and equally controversial video game lets you take the fun out and about with on your mobile. Minus the hot coffee scene of course.

San Andreas is the next port of the massively successful Grand Theft Auto franchise following the mobile releases of GTA 3: Liberty City and Vice City. It’s been dubbed by Rockstar as the best looking version of San Andreas yet. Amazing to consider our smartphones have not only managed to match but exceed the power of the big game consoles in 10 years. Will we be playing GTA 5 on our mobile phones in 2024?


The iPhone release of GTA: San Andreas includes a little bonus of iOS users. It’s one of the first iPhone games to support Apple’s new controller API that we covered here a few weeks ago. This means you can pick up one of the Apple certified controllers, wrap it around your iPhone and wack peds with a big purple object on the go with dual analogs. Doesn’t get much better than that. Check out our article linked above for a deeper look at what controllers are on offer and why it’s a literally a game changer for Apple.

No word so far if the app will support custom playlists but let’s cross our fingers that you can
load up your iTunes, Google Play or playMusic while been chased by the cops in a hydraulic loaded white cadillac.

San Andreas is available now across all three major phone app stores.




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