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Amaysim's FLEXI plan – the best plan for light users?

  • Amaysim's new plan great for light users
  • Great call rates for national and international numbers!
  • How does it stack up against TPG's light user plan?
Written by Mikaella Clements

Today Amaysim (1300 791 895) have released their newest plan, the Amaysim FLEXI plan. Designed to sit between the Amaysim Unlimited SIM and Amaysim's Pay As You Go Plan, the FLEXI plan may also be the best new plan on the market for light users.

Let's take a quick look at the Flexi Plan features. It's priced at $19.90 per month, on a 0-month contract (or a prepaid plan, if that's preferable to you!).


$19.90 per month gives you exactly $19.90 of credit. While this may seem like an incredibly small amount, it's important to take into consideration Amaysim's very low call charges: just 9c per minute for all standard calls and texts, with no flag fall. That's 220 minutes for $19.90 credit, and the best bit is that call charges don't go up once you surpass your $19.90 worth of credit – you'll simply be asked to pay the difference.

As well as this, international calls are charged at low prices, starting at 6c per minute for calls to countries like the USA, India, China, New Zealand, the UK (though it's 16c per minute for calls to mobiles), and Singapore amongst others, and going up to $2.99 per minute for those of you making many calls to the Antarctic. It's important to take a look at Amaysim's international call rates before going crazy with your calls, but as most of those call charges are around 6c per minute, you could conceivably get 331 minutes of talk to international countries for your $19.90 worth of credit.

The plan also includes 500MB of data, and unmetered access to social network sites including Facebook, Twitter, eBay and LinkedIn. Once the 500MB of data is used up, customers can choose to purchase a data pack to keep them going until the end of the month – e.g. a 1GB pack for an extra $9.90. Otherwise, you will be charged at the relatively low rate of 5c per MB.

The plan also includes free voicemail and free calls to other Amaysim numbers.

All in all, it's a great plan, particularly for light users who use their phone predominantly to call people. If you have friends or families overseas this plan would also be a great choice for you, with super low international call rates. Amaysim are also well known as a friendly company with great Australian customer service.

But how does it stack up against another great plan for light users, TPG's Super Value Medium Plan?

TPG (1300 750 518) charges $17.99 per month and is, like Amaysim, available on a 0-month contract. For the $17.99, TPG will give you $550 worth of included credit and 1.5GB of data, and include unlimited calls to other TPG mobiles and TPG home phones. They also include unmetered data access to the usual suspects – Facebook, Twitter, eBay, etc.

At first glance it might seem like the TPG plan is giving you a lot more for your buck. However, let's take a look at those crucial call charges.

TPG charges at 90c per minute for a call, with a 35c flag fall. That means that the first minute of any call is going to cost $1.25, being rated at 90c per minute after that. The $550 credit would therefore give you 440 minutes of "first minutes", although presumably most calls will go over that one minute mark.

International calls are much more expensive, and all come with a 35c flag fall. For countries like the USA, you're looking at around 88c per minute; the UK is $1.43 per minute, China is $1.03 per minute, New Zealand is $1.80 per minute, and India is a whopping $2.29 per minute. We wouldn't recommend calling any international numbers on your TPG plan at all; save it for when you get home, calling either on your landline or on a VoIP service like Skype.

The data is more reasonable, with 1.5GB to Amaysim's 500MB. However, the excess data rate is much more, charged at 25c per MB. TPG also doesn't offer "booster" data packs, meaning that if you used 1GB of excess data with TPG, they would charge you $250, as opposed to the $9.90 1GB pack you can pick up from Amaysim.

It should be noted, though, that unless you stream radio or video on your phone a lot, it's unlikely that you'll be using very much data on your handset. Most people use their phone to check social networking sites – most of which are unmetered – and then email, which uses very, very small amounts of data. Even apps that use the internet, like Google Maps or restaurant search apps, don't tend to use a great deal of data. For most people, the 500MB that Amaysim offers is enough, and the 1.5GB that TPG offers more than enough.

So, which plan comes out on top?

Amaysim is very attractive both because of how transparent it is as a plan – hidden charges are all but impossible to find – and because of those low rates for international calls. If being able to call friends and family who live overseas is important to you, and you'd rather the convenience – and low price! – of being able to do it from your mobile, this plan is for you. Keep an eye on that 500MB of data, but don't fret if you go over it – extra data packs are available at a low cost.

For the more internet heavy user, though, we'd recommend TPG. The 1.5GB of data is good insurance, and you shouldn't go over that at all, though monitoring your usage is always a good idea. $550 worth of calls is generally more than enough for light to medium users, even if the 90c per minute call rate will eat that up fairly quickly. It still gives you slightly more minutes of talking than the Amaysim plan, although call costs will run up higher if you exceed your bill and you definitely shouldn't call any international numbers while using this plan. Nevertheless, if you want the extra padding and don't care about international calls, maybe TPG is the way to go.

Both providers use the great Optus network, which covers 97% of Australia. Call Amaysim on 1300 791 895 or TPG on 1300 850 518 to find out more about the plans or sign up today!

If you want to check out more Amaysim plans, Amaysim offers a range of simple mobile plans plus mobile broadband plans suitable for tablets and laptops.


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