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Battle Royale – Flagship Phones
  • No longer just about iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 now very cheap
  • HTC, Nokia, LG, BlackBerry, Motorola- how everyone else fares
Adam Wajnberg
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Nokia Windows phone Nokia vs. Samsung – who should you get?
  • Samsung overtakes Nokia as bestseller
  • Nokia playing catch-up with smartphones
  • Compare the Galaxy S II and Lumia 800 to find the right phone for you
Mikaella Clements
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innovate your way out of call rates Cheaper call rates beckon new mobile customers
  • Switching provider for better call rates
  • Expensive calls may eat up your credit
  • 14% of people surveyed have changed provider in the last year
Mikaella Clements
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Dropping a smartphone for a week
  • Older phones are cheap, but surprisingly hard to use
  • Price gap closing between smartphones and dumbphones
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 free on many contracts
Adam Wajnberg
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Smartphone Lost your iPhone? Keep calm and carry on
  • Avoid losing your phone in the first place
  • Learn how to deal with a lost smartphone
  • Find cheap replacements for a lost phone
Mikaella Clements
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Club Telco mobile plans
  • MegaCap comes with free international calls
  • Basic plans, starting from $20
  • Unmetered Facebook, twitter and other social networking
Adam Wajnberg
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Apps App of the week(end) – Egg Raider
  • App fun this Easter
  • Great games for the whole family
  • Egg Raider shows new trends in app technology
Mikaella Clements
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Amaysim SIM Best prepaid plans with long expiry
  • Find an expiry date that suits you
  • What's more important: credit or expiry?
  • Prepaid plans can sometimes be a great 'back up' option
Mikaella Clements
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Instagram Instagram captured on Android's network
  • 1 million downloads in 24 hours
  • Official launch on Google Play
  • Promising to appear on more networks
Jessica Tekin
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Beyond the Black Rectangle – What’s next for mobile handset design?
  • Smartphone - or new computer?
  • Better materials, easier to recycle
  • What else is a smartphone supposed to look like?
Adam Wajnberg
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