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Pair A step for couples and a leap in social messaging
  • Review of long distance social apps
  • Best and worst of instant messaging
  • Quality of video call apps need to be stepped up
Jessica Tekin
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Apple announces more record breaking profits, yawns obnoxiously
  • $12bn profits on $39bn revenue
  • Apple sitting on $110 billion in cash
  • What next?
Adam Wajnberg
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Vodafone $39 Infinite Text offer - Ok plan, great phones
  • Infinite text to anywhere in the world
  • Vodafone Network Guarantee
  • Amazing phones available free or cheap - Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumia, much more!
Adam Wajnberg
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Oh no you di'int! Dodo takes on Amaysim with Magic SIM
  • Both plans $39.90
  • Dodo and Amaysim offering tremendous value
  • No catches - unlimited calls and text
Adam Wajnberg
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whyPad - Should I get an iPad?
  • Content creation difficult, but not impossible
  • iPad still killing the competition
  • 3G ipads available on monthly plans, but not necessarily the best option
Adam Wajnberg
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Smartphone Smart and safe – looking after your mobile phone
  • Rise of malware apps and cybercriminals
  • Learn how to protect your smartphone
  • Stop your smartphone from being hacked or stolen
Mikaella Clements
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Predictions - iPhone 5
  • Next iPhone will likely have NFC
  • 4G/LTE inevitable
  • Shatterproof design?
Adam Wajnberg
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HTC + Android Get a brand new phone for $29
  • $29 cap plans with no hardware charges
  • Compare the best phones available
  • Great for light users wanting a new smartphone
Mikaella Clements
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Optus outlines digital services plan at CommsDay summit
  • Optus seeking to emulate Apple success
  • Mobile market at 125% saturation
  • Traditional telcos must face the threat of services like Skype
Adam Wajnberg
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How the NBN would deliver better mobile service
  • NBN can be used to offload bulk traffic
  • Vodafone embracing the NBN
  • Femtocells and microcells will play a part, but most of the impact would be made behidn the scenes
Adam Wajnberg
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