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TransACT mobile plan: Top five reasons to get one

  • TransACT mobile plans include unlimited calls and texts
  • Samsung Galaxy SII, Nokia Lumia 800 available
  • TransACT support is Australia based
Written by Sarah McDonald

TransACT is a telecommunications company best known for offering cable services in ACT. However, TransACT is also a mobile plan provider.

If you live outside Canberra you may not be familiar with TransACT but their mobile plans are available across Australia on the Vodafone network and offer great value.

TransACT offers handsets

Most budget mobile plan providers, such as Amaysim or TPG, offer cheap cap plans but no handset to go with them. TransACT plans include a range of handsets, including Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, Nokia's Lumia 800 and Motorola's Razr.

Simple plans

Caps can be complicated. In order to simplify matters, TransACT Endless plans include all calls to fixed-line numbers, all calls to Australian mobiles, all voicemails and standard text messages to Australian mobiles. The only difference between the plan prices is the handset and the included data.

If you don't want a handset, the plan is $39 with 500MB on a month-by-month basis. If you want a basic handset such as a Samsung Galaxy Ace, you pay $49 a month and get 1GB. If you are after the smartest of smartphones, step up to a $69 plan and receive a Samsung Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumia 800, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc or similar top-end mobile. The more expensive plans are on a 24-month contract, but there is no added cost for a handset.

Good value mobile plans

The Endless $69 plan includes calls, texts, voicemails, 2GB and a top of the range smartphone. This plan compares well with similar deals on the market. For example, Virgin offers a Fair Go $69 plan, which includes a smartphone, unlimited text messaging and unlimited calls to other Virgin mobiles. However, calls to other networks and landlines are limited to $700 of credit, which is just over 500 one-minute calls.

Australia based support

TransACT support is based in Australia, so if you need any help choosing a phone or technical assistance, you will not be speaking to someone in an off-shore call centre.

Order over the phone

No need to spend your precious Saturday traipsing around the shops. Call TransACT on 1300 302 514, sit back, and wait for your brand new mobile or SIM card to be couriered over to your home.


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