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Amaysim is amazing! Unlimited talk and text for $39.90

  • Unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines
  • 4GB of data included
  • 50% off first month bill!
Written by Katarina Matic

If you are not familiar with Amaysim’s unlimited talk and text plan then please read on! Amaysim’s mobile plan is extremely generous in value and is a great way to save money on mobile phone bills each month.

*NOTE Amaysim are currently offering 50% off your first month bill if you sign up before August 30*

The unlimited plan will cost you $39.90 per month. With this plan you can call landlines and mobiles as much as you like, as well as send unlimited amounts of SMS and MMS. Pretty good right? Yes it is! Considering most mobile plans are structured in confusing ways that offer hard to understand call rates and high over usage charges, Amaysim’s plan is a dream. It is an easy and convenient way to use your mobile phone without needing to monitor your usage closely.

Here’s a closer look at what services are included in the plan:
• Standard national calls to landlines
• Standard national calls to mobiles
• Calls to 13 & 18 numbers
• Standard national SMS
• Standard national MMS
• Calls to voicemail
• National access to social media (Facebook, Twitter and more)
• 4GB of data (excess 5c/MB) within Australia

Make sure you are also aware that the following are NOT included and will cost you extra:

• International calls and SMS/MMS
• International roaming and data roaming
• Video calls, satellite calls and call diversions
• Premium SMS (19 numbers)
• Social Media SMS alert services
• Directory Assistance like 1223, 12456. 124YES (124937)
• Third party content like ringtones, wall paper, applications
or any other non-amaysim service
• Calls to 19 numbers are blocked and cannot be made
using amaysim UNLIMITED.

Other things to note
Amaysim’s plan is a SIM only plan. It doesn’t include a mobile phone handset. The Amaysim SIM plan is great if you own your own mobile phone outright and just want a SIM plan that has great calls included. Alternatively, if you don’t have a mobile phone but are looking to pay a low bill each month the best thing to do is to buy a cheap mobile phone outright from your local electronics store. Make sure the mobile you are planning to you use is unlocked. Some providers lock your handset so that you cannot use it with another company. If you are unsure whether your mobile is locked or locked you should call the company you bought the internet from.

Amaysim do not lock you into a contract therefore there are no cancellation fees or penalties if you ever want to terminate your service. All you need to do is contact Amaysim to let them know you do not wish to use the service any longer.

How to sign up to Amaysim
First you will need to work out what size SIM you require. Is it a regular size SIM or a Nano SIM? If you are not sure which SIM size you need you should ask the company you purchased the mobile phone from.

Next give 1300 302 942 a call where a friendly consultant will be able to help you purchase the plan. Alternatively you can make a purchase online through this link.
You will be required to provide details like full name, date birth and address. As well as details like your current mobile number (if you want to transfer it across) and credit or debit card details.


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Need help finding a plan?

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