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Vodafone $39 Infinite Text offer - Ok plan, great phones

  • Infinite text to anywhere in the world
  • Vodafone Network Guarantee
  • Amazing phones available free or cheap - Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumia, much more!
Written by Adam Wajnberg

To complement their rapidly improving network, Vodafone are offering a new $39 Unlimited text plan that comes bundled with some truly outstanding phone deals.

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Vodafone have been busily improving their 3G network in a bid to reverse a bad 18 month period that saw them lose 350,000 customers. The new $1 billion build will bring Vodafone up to speed with Telstra’s Next G network, offering data speeds up to 20 Mbps, in more places. The other angle to their strategy has been to knock down the barriers for new smartphone buyers.

Vodafone has launched a few exclusives in recent months, standing alone with the LG Prada phone and the Sony XPERIA S, a superb multimedia phone (and maybe, a last stab for Sony to remain relevant in the light of Samsung’s rise to the top). But their biggest exclusive might be their $0 price on the Samsung Galaxy S2, the only handset that can go toe-to-toe with the iPhone. The $0 price is available on plans as low as $29.

Their limited-time offer $39 text plan is not the best plan out there – it pales in comparison to the overall value of offerings from Amaysim and Dodo – but it’s one of the better value plans that can be bundled with a handset. And that’s where it really shines.

The Samung Galaxy S2 comes free on the plan as you’d expect, but a host of top tier phones can be had for only $5/month. This includes the Nokia Lumia 800, the best current Windows Phone, the aforementioned Sony XPERIA S, the iPhone 4 8GB – and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

If the Galaxy S2 is the Holden Statesmen of Android phones, the Nexus is the Rolls Royce. The Nexus is not only the top model Samsung phone, it’s also the standard bearer for Google’s Android operating system. ‘Nexus’ is the name given to the Android phone driving the purest and latest version of Android (most other phones run a slightly modified version). Samsung wrested the rights to make a Nexus model from HTC, who were previously Google’s hardware partner.

Otherwise, the plan itself isn’t the best. With only 500 MB of data and $300 worth of call credit, you might be ok, especially with all of the text messages being free. But with a huge 98c per minute call rate, and a 40c flagfall, that $300 credit will translates to less than 5 hours talk time a month. International texts are included as well, which will suit many – but otherwise the plan itself is strictly for those who text a lot, call a little and use the internet sparingly.

The Unlimited text plan is also available in a $30 pre-paid version, which is identical. Best avoided, since other similarly priced prepaid plans are much better value.

But for those looking for the best monthly price on some of the best phones out there, you’ll be hard pressed to find them cheaper, on a cheaper monthly plan. All offers come with the Vodafone Network Guarantee – if your connection is poor, you can return the phone and SIM card within 30 days.


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