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Telstra icon small Western Australian mobile coverage set to expand by 22%
  • Telstra to expand WA mobile network
  • 113 new mobile sites along 8300 km
  • Optus and Vodafone offer mobile coverage plans once installed
Mikaella Clements
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Apps App of the Week - the Wealie
  • New app to replace cafe loyalty cards
  • Increased business profits in some cafes by 20%
  • Smartphone apps the way forward for easy consumer experience
Mikaella Clements
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Windows Phone Samsung Omnia W I8350
  • First Australian second-generation Windows Phone 7
  • Simple and pleasing to use
  • Not a huge game-changer
Mikaella Clements
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4G LTE Broadband Mobile HTC Velocity 4G
  • First Australian smartphone to operate on 4G network
  • Up to five times faster than other smartphones
  • But 4G network subject to coverage
Mikaella Clements
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Nokia Lumia Microsoft Windows Nokia's Lumia 800 launching in March
  • Nokia's Lumia 800 smartphone launching in Australia this March
  • Lumia 800 running on Microsoft software
  • Will change the way people think about Nokia
Mikaella Clements
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International rise of the smartphone
  • Increase in worldwide usage of smartphones
  • Australian second globally for smartphone usage amongst population
  • Smartphone owners still using home internet
Mikaella Clements
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Apple logo Apple Q1 results blast past the competition
  • Apple smashes expectations
  • Samsung still hanging in there
  • Nokia, Motorola and HTC eating dust
Adam Wajnberg
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Recycle phone Alternative uses for old smartphones – 2022 Edition
  • e-Cycling alternatives to just throwing your old iPhones into a Mr. Fusion
  • BlackBerry somehow still around
  • Google has changed motto to "G'head. Be Evil."
Adam Wajnberg
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Apple logo Apple surges ahead in Aussie market
  • 42% of all Aussie smartphones are iPhones
  • Samsung providing the only real competition
  • Worldwide trend of other smartphone users migrating to Apple
Adam Wajnberg
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Compare Mobile's Favourite Apps
  • Most useful apps surprisingly cheap (or free!)
  • Skype a big winner
  • Reference and productivity apps a mainstay
Adam Wajnberg
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