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Smartphones and pedestrian safety
  • Pedestrians distracted by smartphones in danger on the roads
  • 50 pedestrians killed on the road in Victoria alone in 2011
  • Tips to stay safe on the roads
Adam Wajnberg
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The best of the non-smartphones
  • Featurephones tend to be tougher
  • Simple handsets that just work
  • Good for backups as well
Alana Faigen
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smartphone Buying a mobile phone outright
  • Can be cheaper overall
  • Allows more choice in provider
  • Avoid unlocking fees
Alana Faigen
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Top five mobile caps for under $50
  • Cap plans under $50
  • Cheap data for smartphones
  • Some big name handsets free
Alana Faigen
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Best cap plans for smartphones
  • Cap plans including 3G data
  • Free Facebook and Twitter
  • Up to $2000 call credit
Alana Faigen
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Which network is best for the iPhone?
  • iPhone still leading the smartphone market
  • Provided across all networks
  • Big data plans to take advantage of all those internet capable apps

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Cap plans for seniors
  • Seniors want simple, good value plans
  • Cap plans can come with hidden fees
  • Caps come with very high per-minute rates

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Why would I buy a Samsung Galaxy S II when I can buy an iPhone 4S?
  • iPhone 4S still the market leader
  • Samsung is creeping up on Apple
  • The Galaxy S2 is both Samsung and Android's flagship
Alana Faigen
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Samsung outsells Apple on smartphones
  • Samsung sells more overall
  • Includes non-smartphones
  • Apple still the biggest seller of a single handset with the iPhone
Alana Faigen
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No contract Australian mobile plans
  • Prepaid and monthly options
  • No Contract from Optus and others
  • Freedom for people still happy with their existing handsets
Alana Faigen
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