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CES 2012 - Wrap Up
  • Tablets and Smartphones galore
  • LTE and Windows Phone the big winners
  • Australian release dates still a mystery
Adam Wajnberg
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Telstra logo Telstra to begin offering wholesale 3G
  • Caps will be imposed on speed
  • Good news for rural and regional mobile customers
  • Telstra 4G network still exclusive to the telco giant
Adam Wajnberg
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Telstra logo Telstra tentatively announces first 4G handset for January release
  • 4G network capable of speeds up to 40Mbps, faster than ADSL
  • Other phones being released this week at CES will likely be made available throughout the year
  • Australia's only 4G network in use right now
Adam Wajnberg
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CES 2012 – Day One
  • Lots of Android tablets, but limited 3G/4G options
  • Phones losing weight
  • Samsung replaced Nokia as world's largest cellphone company
Adam Wajnberg
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CES - A Preview
  • Consumer Electronics Show, Jan 10 - 13, 2012, Las Vegas, USA
  • The world's largest electronics trade show
  • New smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks
Adam Wajnberg
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Smartphone Operating Systems - The Dead, Pretty Much Dead, and Dying
  • A list of once popular operating systems that are on their way out
Adam Wajnberg
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Windows Phone - Coming Soon! Ish!
  • Truly unique departure from the current look of most competitors
  • Developed to look more like the X-Box and less like windows
  • Limited apps for now, but full integration with Microsoft Office, the world's most popular software
Adam Wajnberg
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iOS - Wipe Your Feet At The Door
  • Easy and clean
  • Huge ecosystem of apps, accessories, retail support and online support
  • 500,000+ Apps
Adam Wajnberg
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Android - The-Land-Of-Do-As-You-Please
  • Open Source, developed by Google
  • Wide availability makes it popular, but harder to control
  • 250,00 apps and growing every day
Adam Wajnberg
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A Guide to Smartphone Operating Systems
  • iOS vs Android vs...?
  • Some systems on their way out
  • Apps are key
Adam Wajnberg
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