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Written by Adam Wajnberg

For those looking to get the latest and greatest handset, options to do cheaply are becoming scarce. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is clamping down on sneaky mobile plans that come with heaps of hidden costs – the downside to this being that mobile operators have less room to subsidize new handsets, as those sneaky plans were also huge revenue generators.

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Overall, that’s far more good than bad – it means fewer people paying outrageous overuse fees, and it also might slow down the rapid and unnecessary 6 to 12 month upgrade cycle that so many Aussies seem dead-set on adhering to, creating tons of landfill and e-waste.

Unfortunately, not everyone has jumped into the smartphone age just yet, and are only now looking for their first big-time handset (or want to upgrade from a budget handset to a flagship superphone). That means that some people are facing fees and plans that add up to worse value than a year or two ago. And it’s hard to know what the differences are between identical Shiny Black Rectangles.

Two Options 

Unless you need strictly their wider coverage in regional areas, it’s difficult to justify paying Telstra prices.
Their plans are not outrageously more expensive than the competition; but they do seem incapable of putting out plans that make sense, with bizarre “mobile repayment option’ terms that seem designed to specifically make you think you’re going to be paying one thing, and then hitting you with a confounding bill a month later – and then for 24 months thereafter.

So that mostly leaves Optus and Vodafone. Both firms are continuing to make upgrades to their networks, and will be sharing resources in a bid to overcome Telstra’s network dominance. And they both tend to offer just a bit more value than their huge competitor.

Optus – 1300 137 897

iPhone 5

The benchmark for smartphones is starting to look a little overpriced, given how good Android has gotten. But for those looking for the smoothest and most reliably consistent mobile experience should still start with Apple.

The base 16GB model can be had for as little as $53 a month, but the included value is worthless (unless you’re smart about it, and use apps and Wi-Fi to mostly rely on the iPhone as anything BUT a phone).

At $63, you get 1GB of data, free text and $500 worth of calls, more than enough for the vast majority of us.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Weird and wonderful, Samsung’s 5.5 inch beast is still selling strong, and is basically a big(ger) version of their blockbuster Galaxy S3.

The note is available for the same price as the iPhone 5, but for $4 more ($67/month) you get 1.5GB of data, $650 worth of calls, Unlimited text AND Unlimited calls to other Optus mobiles- and this includes SOME, but not ALL, cheapo providers who use the Optus network – guys like Woolworths, Amaysim, TPG, Dodo, Primus – they all use part of the Optus network. And some of them are considered ‘Optus’ when using Optus – to – Optus credit. Best to ask when you call them on 1300 194 583.

Blackberry Z10

Blackberry’s attempts to come back for the near-dead is off to a not-promising, but also not-embarrassing start (“Not-Embarrassing” is an unmixed compliment for Blackberry these days). The Z10 is stylish, well built and offers rock solid email and messaging security, amongst a huge host of new features.

The Z10 is only available on pre-order right now, and are due to start shipping in the last week of March. The Z10 is a few dollars cheaper on the aforementioned plans, but for big business users, the $82 bundle, with 2GB data, unlimited text and $850 call credit (with Optus-2-Optus still free).

Vodafone – 1300 106 571

Vodafone’s 4G network is finally getting launched in April, and they have some excellent handsets that will be able to take advantage from Day One.

Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung’s juggernaut keeps on rolling, with the perfect blend of large screen, huge specs, handsome looks and good prices. The S3 is available for $60 a month with $700 credit, 1Gb data, free text (all networks, includes international texts!) and free calls to other Vodafone network mobiles. For a limited time, you also get a free accessory pack and 500MB extra each month, for the first 12 months.

Nokia Lumia 820


The 820 is the little brother of the huge and impressive Lumia 920, Microsoft and Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone (exclusive to Telstra). But despite the 820’s less robust body and slower processor, the camera and operating system are identical, making it a steal at just $50 a month with $500 credit and free texts.



The other big Windows Phone release trumps the 820 in most specs, but mostly in design. The slim and brightly coloured handset packs plenty of punch as well, and is available on the same plans as above – but the $80 plan is the real sweet spot, with unlimited calls and text, and $80 to spend on international calls.

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