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Written by Sarah Routledge

Prepaid mobile plans are ideal for people who already own their own phone, and don’t wish to be tied down to any one plan, or particular network. New entrants into the market, such as Amaysim, offer speciality SIM-only plans that cater for the discerning crowd who already own their own mobile. The biggest advantage of prepaid plans, however, is that the whole bill rage factor is mitigated – you can’t be charged for excess usage on a prepaid mobile plan!


Amaysim has burst on to the market with some fantastic deals for users who already own their own phones and are looking for a SIM-only deal. However, the plan that’s getting everyone talking is their AS YOU GO plan which combines 15c/min calls, no flagfall, 12c standard SMS and 5c/mb data with unlimited access to most popular social media sites. 

Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile’s bean-counter plans are perfect for users who only need to use the phone occasionally. The SIM card only costs $10, whilst the recharges cost $25 each. Data packs can be added, and the call rates are spectacularly low.

When recharging $30 on a Telstra prepaid mobile service, you can receive $250 phone credit, 500 MB data and Free Talk & Text to standard Australian numbers between 6pm and midnight. This recharge lasts for 30 days.

Optus provides a huge range of prepaid plans for a wide range of users. From the long expiry cap recharge (186 days) to a $2 day plan (unlimited calls and data for $2 a day), Optus provides value for different customers in different ways. Smartphone prepaid users recharging under Optus’ turbo caps can also receive free access to social networking sites, just like on a postpaid plan.

Which cap is right for you?

With such a variety of prepaid mobile plans on offer, it is important to select one that reflects your needs. Are you using prepaid to avoid costly excess usage charges, or because you already own a mobile phone handset and want to take advantage of some of the great rates on offer? Either way, there are some great recharge plans and SIM deals out there for the discerning user. Check out our prepaid mobile phone comparison page for more detail.


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