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Written by Sam Goudie
Content writer

The world of mobile computing is one of limitless possibilities, but for someone new to the devices or broadband in general it can be a bit daunting.  We know there's a lot to do, but we don't know what's possible, we know there are good deals but we just can't find them.

Below I've got a run down on some applications (or "apps), for mobile devices that'll facilitate organisation, information, entertainment and communication.  We've also listed some plans across the market for those that need a plan, or a new Tablet.

The serious stuff


There are some pretty obvious apps in the communication round up that are necessary for anyone with something to say and someone to say it to.  Twitter, Facebook and Gmail are pretty much the standard for every teenager and b-grade celebrity, which means the rest of the world won't be too far behind. 

The problem with apps like GTalk and iMessage is they don't work across operating systems.  A great low demand communication app that works for everyone is Whatsapp.  It is basically a messaging service that doesn't use my credit and is low on data use.  It also allows you to create message groups, manage access and share files on the go.  I use it with the band to sort out practice, and I know when everyone's seen the message so there's no excuse for being late.

If you're just chatting away then you won't need a huge amount of data, TPG can give you a no contract connection with 1GB for $9.99, call 1300 106 0571 to take advantage of that.


Dropbox, GoogleDocs, and other cloud file storage systems are becoming very prolific, and if you're anything like me you're working on multiple projects using multiple systems, I use Dropbox for my music and my bands, GoogleDocs for shared work files, and many other variations of that depending on current projects.  Joukuu allows you to share, collaborate, centralise and edit files across GoogleDocs, Dropbox,, Sugarsync and Evernotes.   

Being able to manage files across multiple sharing platform means you can consolidate your projects and related file management in one easy place.  As Confucous says, a well organised file management system means a happy life... Right?



The Age App is great for good reading, the Herald Sun is good for a laugh, but to truly create a news "feed" News 360 is the app for the job.  It allows you to integrate newsfeeds around the world, categorize and share the articles, it has a smooth graphic interface and makes it possible to switch between tabloids and stock markets, tragedy and technology with a gesture.

For basic file management, text based data use as well as the odd video and graphic you won't need a huge amount of data, just enough to get by.  It is advisable to have a few gigs though, Club Telco Offer 5GB for $25 a month, with no contract.  You can get that set up on 1300 138 155.

The Fun Stuff

You're on a train, everyone's plugged into their pads/pods and devices, but you just go back to the maze you tore from a placemat at your child's birthday party.  This is a common story, you spend $1000 on a device, then you check your email, update your Facebook and you're out of things to do.  Aside from various media players and photo galleries, there's some great ways to bring games and fun into your pocket.


Infinity blade II – this is a 3-D hack and slash game, where you play a knight raiding a gothic castle to destroy an ancient evil.  It's light on story at the face of it but each time you fail you play your son avenging yourself, and you then return to attempt different avenues through the castle.  It's fun, the game play is intuitive and the story gets more enthralling the further you get.  This is iOS only so all the Android fans will be left wanting.  However there's a range of good Android games; GT Racer, Hero of Sparta, Home run Battle 3D and Dungeon are all pretty good options across the market.



Spotify – This is the new way to access all the tracks in the world, without carrying it around in your pocket, or spending $30 on a CD.  It also passes a small amount of revenue to the artist, so your listens go to their pocket and you don't go to jail.

Soundcloud – This is an app where musicians maintain profiles, release secret and unreleased tracks and put up demos and re-mixes.  You will find your favourite artists, and everything in between, you can also share your own sounds and create comments along the timeline of the song.  It also has a sort of twitter feed for new sounds.

As soon as you're streaming music and internet you're looking at needing a pretty solid amount of data, remember you'll probably be communicating, reading, Youtubing, updating, GPSing and updating systems at the same time as streaming your favourite Queen album. 

Once again Club Telco takes the prize for most data for your money, with 15GB for $55 and no fixed commitment.

Their contact is 1300 138 155, give them a call to go through your options.

Telstra also have some interesting streaming services that are unmetered, they run on the 4G service, we tested their connection and was faster than our internet in the office!

Where do I get a tablet for all my apps?

So there's a few ways you can go here.  iPads are the bees knees, my partner has one, they're smooth, they integrate with her Mac and match all her  other apple gear, her vintage bike and her bowler hat.    However they do cost a lot up front and only the bigger providers offer them on plans. 

Optus will do a 2GB plan with a 16GB New iPad starting at $48 on a two year contract.  Give them a call on 1300 137 897 to get that it sent out.

On the flipside android devices are more flexible, there's less restriction on the market and you can carry across your apps to other devices on the market.  So if you get tired of your Motorola running android you can switch to the Samsung Galaxy and carry your apps across.  The key thing is that they come at a much cheaper price. 

You can get a cheap android tablet with 1GB from Dodo for $14.99 a month on a 24 month contract.  Give them a call on 1300 136 973 to get your Tab.

Good luck on your app hunt, I'm always looking out for new stuff to play with so if you find anything you like leave some comments, or post to us on Facebook.


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