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LG GD900 Crystal Review

The LG GD900 Crystal mobile phone is a game-changer for touch screen technology.

The LG GD900 Crystal mobile phone is a game-changer for touch screen technology. With the most advanced mobile touchpad on the globe, the Crystal also has a depth of other features, like a massive 8 Megapixel camera, 3-inch screen display, WiFi internet capability and a sophisticated, crystal-clear keypad.

The LG Crystal's keypad is what truly separates this mobile phone from the rest of the competition. Just like a computer’s external mouse, the keypad works to control all of the action occurring on the screen’s display. The touchpad has the ability to tell if both of your fingers are on it at the same time, which lets you perform various different actions like zooming in and out on screen objects or text. There’s also the option to draw shapes on the touchpad. These shapes then act as shortcuts so you can access up to nine applications without needing to actually press any buttons. Very cool stuff indeed.

As far as homescreens go, the Crystal’s is definitely anything but dull. It works like a cube that you can spin around, exposing different sides in the process. Each side can be personalised with instant access to websites like Facebook or Ebay, as well as to a variety of useful widgets. However, if you don’t like how the cube functions you still have the option to return to a normal menu layout.

The LG GD900 Crystal’s 8 Megapixel camera is top of the line and comes with a LED Flash for times when you want to shoot photos in low light or dark areas. The video function can film mini-movies at 30 frames per second with your work of art being saved to a memory card. If you find the 1.5GB of on-board memory to be insufficient, this handset can hold an additional
MicroSD storage of up to 32GB.
When you shine a light onto a crystal it often refracts a soft blue glow; the LG GD900 Crystal does the same thing when you slide open the phone. Other notable features are the touch-control music player, WiFi and the option of viewing websites in widescreen.

Like a freshly polished stone, the 127-gram Crystal is slim and light; having the mobile in your pocket definitely won’t cause leg cramps when out on the town. The LG GD900 Crystal is an inspiring and innovative smartphone that looks and feels the part while being easy to use. Not to be cliché, but the Crystal is a shiny little gem of a mobile phone.



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