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New offers from Amaysim and Vodafone

  • Amaysim offers 15% off all plans
  • Vodafone = best prices on new phones
  • What should you be looking for, a SIM-only plan or one that includes a phone?
Written by Mikaella Clements

Amaysim (1300 302 942) and Vodafone (1300 850 518) have both released some great new deals that are available now for you to take advantage of. Looking for a new handset? Go straight to Vodafone for the best deals on the hottest new phones. Happy with your old phone, but looking for a great new plan? Amaysim plans are some of the best available in the country.

So what's available?


Amaysim are currently running a weeklong sale that offers 15% off ALL of their products. Just use the promo code 07SAVE15 when you buy online, and you'll receive 15% off your first order.

This is a great promotion that serves as great motivation to go and sign up for Amaysim if you've been toeing the line for a while and just need that extra push. However, it's also good in that the 15% - while a fun bonus for the first month – won't mean that the second month leaves you in a haze of regret as you wonder what you've signed up for.

The discount brings one of Amaysim's most popular plans, the Unlimited SIM, down from $39.90 per month to $33.90 for your first month. That's a coffee and a bagel on your way to work, but it means that when you go back up to the standard price for your next month, you won't suddenly be hit with a too large bill. In fact, one of the most attractive things about Amaysim as a provider is the way they structure their plans, so that you have the ultimate control over how much you pay.

They do this via a variety of factors, including a total lack of contracts (if you find that Amaysim's use of the Optus network doesn't work for you after the first month, then you can leave easily with no exit fees or long contracts to pay out and renegotiate) and their three levels of phone plans. These plans are meant to cater to all customers in three basic levels. They are:

  1. The Pay As You Go Plan, where you pay for every call you make, text you send, and MB you use – but at extremely low rates. This is a great plan for the light user who wants to be in complete control of your phone bill, and the phone calls are incredibly low, with only 12c per minute for standard calls and 12c per SMS, and 5c per MB of data.
  2. The Flexi SIM, where $19.90 per month gets you $19.90 worth of credit and 500MB of data. Once again, call rates are extremely low, at 9c per minute, and it also has the advantage of offering cheap international call charges, starting at just 6c per minute. Click here for a more detailed rundown of Amaysim's Flexi SIM.
  3. The Unlimited SIM, one of the best plans out there for heavy users. $39.90 per month gives you unlimited calls in Australia, including to 13/1800 numbers, along with 4GB of data.

In addition to that, the 15% off all Amaysim plans is also available on their mobile broadband plans, including their great iPad SIMs. Click here to take a look at Amaysim's great mobile broadband plans – 0 month contracts at inexpensive prices! And call Amaysim if you have any further questions on 1300 791 895.

vodafone large

Vodafone are once again upping the ante on their handsets available for purchase with plans, with a range of new special offers.

In terms of getting a new phone, Vodafone are one of the best providers out there, with the hottest phones available at the lowest rates. They've got a range of offers also ending on the 31st, meaning that this month is definitely the time to get yourself and your family sorted out with the best plans and phones from Vodafone and Amaysim.

Give us a call on 1300 850 518 to talk about Vodafone and their plans and coverage in your area in more detail, but for now, let's take a look at some of the highlights of this latest batch of offers.

  1. The Samsung Galaxy SIII for just $5 handset charges per month on Vodafone's $59 Cap. SPECIAL OFFER: The first two months free, and double your data inclusion for the first twelve months if you sign up on a twenty-four month plan (bringing you up to 3GB of data per month).
  2. The Samsung Galaxy Note on the Vodafone $49 Cap. SPECIAL OFFER: Usually $10 per month handset charges, but if you sign up before July 31st, they will waive the handset fees for your contract.
  3. The HTC One X on the Vodafone $49 Cap. SPECIAL OFFER: Usually $5 per month handset charges, but if you sign up before July 31st, they will waive the handset fees for your contract.

If you're in the market for a new phone, these are all really great deals and – unless someone (our bet's on Virgin) decides to up them – most likely the best prices you'll find the latest smartphones at. In fact, there's only one reason not to go with this plan right away, and that is that the new iPhone is just around the corner.

Whether you're an Apple fan or fervent Apple hater, there's no denying that an iPhone is a game changer. We're looking, too, at the iPhone 5, not an update like the 4S was, and the mobile market is sure to go crazy over it. Australians, on the whole, love Apple, and so we can expect to see major rushes to buy the new iPhone.

That means that the release of an iPhone will affect all the plans on the market. We could see some dramatic price lowering to make sure that Samsung and HTC stays competitive and in rotation vs. the brand new iPhone. Additionally, we're going to be on the lookout for some great new plans offering that iPhone – and Vodafone are our best bet at offering the iPhone 5 on reasonably priced, affordable plans.

If you're not desperate to get a phone now, you might want to wait just a few months longer to see just how the iPhone affects the market. And luckily, Amaysim make it easy to wait, with their 0-month contract plans that you can see above. Call Amaysim on 1300 791 895 for more information, or call us about Vodafone or any other general enquiries on 1300 850 518 and we can help make sure that you're getting the best plan and phone for your usage right now.



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