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Sony Ericsson C903 Review

The Sony Ericsson C903 is a decent phone with a much more than decent camera attached.

The Sony Ericsson C903 is a decent phone with a much more than decent camera attached. If you are after a communication device that will also allow you to capture precious moments, this Sony Ericsson is for you.

Design wise, the C903 does slightly resemble a little digital camera, with a large screen on one side of the black plastic and grey metal case, and a metallic sliding lens cover stretching across the entire length of the handset on the other. Navigation keys are below the display, and sliding the face up exposes the well spaced numeric keyboard. Dedicated volume and camera keys are situated on the side, reinforcing the photographic focus of this model, excuse the pun.

Bearing the Cyber-shot name, the Sony Ericsson C902 offers one of the smartest 5-megapixel camera phones on the market. Once you slide open the lens cover, touch-activated controls on the screen’s edge jump to life. This means you can easily change settings without taking your eyes off of your photographic subject. The C902 also utilises face detection software to help you focus perfectly on target. There is also smile detection technology, which holds off from taking the photo until your subjects flash their pearly whites.

If you are not taking people shots, the 'Best Picture' function takes nine pictures in a row when you half press the shutter button, nine when you press the button completely, and another nine when you release. You can then pick the best one, and the rest are deleted: perfect for shaky hands or moving subjects. Built in GPS and geotagging also means that you can record exactly when and where the magic moment occurred. 

However, the Sony Ericsson C902 offers more than just a great camera. It’s also a music player, an FM radio and a web-browsing device. While Samsung have foregone Wi-Fi connectivity, there is still 3G and HSDPA connections available, as well as Bluetooth.  The C902 supports podcasts and has a built in YouTube application for watching that cute clip with the baby panda sneezing whenever you want.  There are also full 3D games to keep you entertained, and there’s even an expandable memory thanks to a microSD card slot. Overall, this is an outstanding phone that will help you take fabulous photographs.


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