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iPad Personal Hotspot

  • Personal Hotspot available for iPad 3
  • Not available on its predecessors
  • How to connect
Written by Jessica Tekin

Following the new release of iPad 3, (known simply as iPad,) Apple updated its carrier settings to incorporate Personal Hotspot for its users. While the newest addition to the iPhone system is being cheered by tethering fans, it comes with a painful reset of default internet settings.

Personal Hotspot from Apple transforms your iPad into a WiFi modem, making your 3 data accessible to other nearby WiFi enabled devices. This is handy if you are with work colleagues or friends who need an internet connection on the go, and are unable to establish an alternative wireless connection, or if you want to access the internet on your laptop. The Personal Hotspot feature requires a cellular data plan, where the internet is provided via a 3G connection.

However, the new update is only available for the third-generation iPad, which means that customers with older versions will not be able to activate a hotspot. However, it is available for anyone who owns an iPhone 3GS or upwards, so iPhone users can equally rejoyce.

The update was originally planned for March, but following a conflict between the update and individual carrier's 3G networks led to a dela. The iOS 5.1 firmware and 3G conflict was reported on from CNET, identifying that Personal Hotspot had difficulties with running smoothly with 3G network sharing in the US. The feature was missing in Australia among several providers including Vodafone, Telstra and Optus. Clearly developments and discussions have been undertaken, and the new worldwide release 2 months later saw Personal Hotspot run smoothly.


How to access Personal Hotspot on iPad.

To access Personal Hotspot, you first should to make sure that you have installed the latest Apple update on your iPad. This can be either done automatically depending on your devices setting, or through connecting your iPad to iTunes. Manually, you can update through accessing the settings menu > general > about, and clicking 'carrier update.'

Following this, it's a question of whether you're either a pre-paid iPad user or post-paid. If you're a prepaid customer, then you have very little work to do as enabling Personal Hotspot is automatic. However for Postpaid, you have to access APN settings through the settings > cellular data menus. Your APN settings will vary depending on which 3G network that you are a part of, so it would be best to contact your provider if you are unsure.

To access Personal Hotspot, you can go through the settings menu > general > network > Personal Hotspot. Switching it to On creates a WiFi network that other WiFi-enabled devices are now able to access your iPad's wireless internet. A network name and password will be generated whenever you activate the feature. While Personal Hotspot means that a range of users and devices are able to access the internet on the go, it can also mean that your 3G plan's data allowances are used up a lot faster. As such, it's best to have a plan with high data if you're planning on utilising Personal Hotspot.

Examples include Amaysim's Unlimied SIM only post-paid plan including 4GB of data, or Dodo's Prepaid Unlimited plan including 5GBs of data. By going on a large data plan, it means that you can optimially use Personal Hotspot while ensuring that you will not incur excess fees and penalties by your mobile provider.


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