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Apple debuts iPhone 5S TV Spot

  • Apple has broadcasted a new 30 second TV Spot
  • Has Apple shifted their advertising focus from the 5C to the 5S?
Written by James Sandri


Apple has debuted their first TV spot for the iPhone 5S broadcast in the US yesterday. The 30 second ad focuses heavily on the “Champagne Gold” iteration of the iPhone 5S range. Dubbed “Metal Mastered”, the TV spot follows the metallic blob as it contorts and flows into the iPhone 5S seen below. A pointer finger rises from the bottom of the frame to unlock the phone before fading away.

Since the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C, Apple has spent considerable advertising space marketing the later. Rumors have suggested that sales for the 5C have been less than expected, suggesting one reason that Apple is spending more money on showing off the iPhone 5S.

To check out the iPhone 5S TV spot click here.


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