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The best of the Blackberry Apps

  • BlackBerry offers lots of useful (and free) apps
  • Choose from apps for travel, social networking, entertainment, and news
  • Google Maps and Player for Youtube particular highlights
Written by Alana Faigen

Although the BlackBerry App world doesn’t have quite as many apps to offer as the iPhone’s App store, there is still a huge amount of useful (as well as downright pointless) apps to choose from. Even some of the best apps are free, so it’s worth having a look around. There are apps for travel, social networking, education, entertainment, lifestyle, news and sports. 

Photo Editor Ultimate FREE

This app allows you to edit your photos right from your BlackBerry. You can crop, zoom, rotate, resize, change the contrast, brightness and more. With this App you’ll be able to send the edited versions of your photos to your friends or upload to Imgur. There is a full version of this application (which of course isn’t free) but offers additional features such as applying manual colour filters, using the clone tool and adding text onto an image.

Facebook for BlackBerry

The Facebook for BlackBerry app of course brings all the Facebook features into the palm of your hand. It also gives you the added feature of being able to sync your Facebook contacts up with your phone contacts. This means you’ll have the pleasure of seeing your friends’ face pop up whenever they call you. BlackBerry push technology allows you to receive your Facebook alerts such as messages and wall posts in real time.

Player for YouTube

Player for YouTube is an easy to navigate app for all your YouTube searching, playing, sharing and embedding needs. The app features the most popular, top rated, newest and most viewed videos onto one page if you’re looking for something new to watch. The app allows you to bookmark your favourite videos so you can go back to them later on. The app saves your search history, and you can also log into YouTube so you can manage your favourites straight from the site. You can stream YouTube clips via your mobile internet data or over Wi-Fi.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a welcome alternative to the BlackBerry’s native map app. The Google Maps app comes with all the usual features, allowing you to check directions, search what’s nearby and use street view. Having Google’s Places in your pocket means if you don’t know the area but you’re feeling kinda hungry, you can search nearby and read reviews of restaurants within walking distance. Frequently used maps will be saved in your cache so you can access them even when your phone is offline.

AP Mobile

AP Mobile is a free application which keeps you up to date with the latest local and international news coverage. The app gives you access to over 1,200 AP global news contributors. The app also updates and caches content so you have something to read even when you’re offline. The news categories include Sports, Entertainment, Wacky News, plus AP’s award-winning photos. Using AP Mobile means you can personalise the news you want to read so that it comes straight to your phone. Rate the stories so others can see what you like to read.


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