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Written by Alana Faigen

With the App Store stocking 425,000 apps and counting, it can be overwhelming trying to weed out the good Apps from the bad (and absolutely pointless). There are some classics which have been out since the first generation iPhone (along with updates of course), and some newies on the market – many of which are free, or just a few dollars to purchase.

With just about as many “Top 10 iPhone Apps” lists as there are Apps, the outcome is generally subjective. Below we have included some of our favourite Apps, and we’ve tried to cover business, work and pleasure to maintain a healthy balance. If only there was an App to find the best Apps. And come to think of it... there is, including Apple’s very own Genius App.

Angry Birds

I think it’s safe to say we all have a friend who has been addicted to Angry Birds. At only 99 cents for the full version, it’s well worth every cent if you need a little timewaster in the palm of your hands. The idea of the game sounds all too simple: sling a bird into the fort to kill the pigs one-by-one. The controls are easy and the graphics are simply cute, equalling one game you’re sure to become obsessed with at some point. With 288 levels to get through, you may want to reconsider downloading this App if, you know... you actually have stuff to do.


It can take a little while to get your head around exactly how useful this free App is. On a basic level, it allows you to store your pictures, videos and documents up in a cloud which you can access from any device with access to the internet – you can just log in via the Dropbox website. You can also share files and folders with others, and view photos in gallery form. Dropbox gives you the ability to share, backup and sync – the uses for Dropbox are abundant.


Most of us have probably heard of Skype by now, although many people are still yet to use it on their iPhone.

Skype for the iPhone comes with video chat for those who want to put a face to the name. The App itself is free, along with Skype-to-Skypecalls. If you’re calling from Skype to a mobile or landline, there is a charge but it’s relatively cheap compared with some of the mobile plans out there. You can make your calls either over 3G or Wi-Fi, and video calls can be made to other iPhones, Macs, PC’s or Skype-enabled TV.


This would have to be the number one free cooking app – access heaps (about 25,000) of recipes for any occasion, whether it’s a fancy dinner or a healthy lunch – access them all from the palm of your hand. Epicurious also allows you to access your shopping lists at the supermarket (when you need them most). You can add winning recipes to your favourites so you know to bake it again, and search for new recipes by skill-level. The only downside to this app is having to wipe your fingers everytime you need to scroll to the next step in the recipe.


The Instapaper App is further proof that it’s simple Apps that do the most. This App will cost you just $4.99, and allows you to bookmark a webpage to read later when you have the time (maybe on a plain or train, perhaps?) It will be especially useful for iPod touch users who don’t have access to 3G internet. The app allows you to open up a webpage, blog, online newspaper, and select “read it later” for when you have the time or are looking for something to do when you don’t have an internet connection. The App downloads a mostly text-version of the website for easy reading and viewing. There’s plenty of room – Instapaper allows you to download up to 500 articles at a time.


Surely you’ve heard of Facebook by now. The Facebook App does virtually all things Facebook – like, comment, tag, chat, stalk and message. The Facebook App is arranged according to activity, so it’s user friendly and easy to navigate. Having this App also means that photos, events and friends’ details are accessible in the palm of your hand.

World Lens

Part useful, part novelty, this free translation app is sure to come in handy for any traveller. The World Lens is an augmented reality App that allows you to translate text in real time. Point and shoot at a sign, and it will translate it for you into a language you can understand. You can also use the app to translate text into other languages. Each additional language will cost an extra $4.99.


Everyone with an internet connection must have stumbled across a Wikipedia article at some point. The user-created encyclopaedia is available in App form so if you’re frustrated with the retrieval of information which is on the tip of your tongue, it’s now available at the tip of your fingers. The app is free, and also boasts a “nearby” feature where you can learn about the history of everything that surrounds you.


While the App is free, a $9.99/month subscription is needed for Mog. Mog is a bit like the Grooveshark for iPhones and iPods. You can connect via Wi-Fi or 3G to access a massive music library which can be streamed from the cloud. You can also download tracks in advance, a particularly handy function for iPod Touch users. The App also supports multitasking so you can leave the tunes running in the background.

Lose it!

Lose it! is designed for calorie counters who want to do their meal planning and calculating digitally. The free app allows you to set your goal and establish an eating and exercising schedule to achieve it. You can record your calorie intake and exercise habits so you know whether you’re staying on track. It boasts a comprehensive database of foods and activities so you can record your doings as accurately as possible. For those who like to share, you can publicise your successes via Facebook and Twitter.

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