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Vodafone axes the 3 brand

  • Vodafone and 3 brands merge
  • 3 customers can still recharge on the 3 website for now
  • New customers will be redirected to Vodafone
Written by Alana Faigen

In a move two years in the making, Vodafone and 3 have finally merged into the one mobile telecommunications company.

Customers who attempt to load 3’s homepage will find themselves facing the need to answer whether they’re already an existing customer with 3, or if they’re not with 3 (presumably searching for new plans). Customers who aren’t with 3 will be redirected to the Vodafone homepage.

Existing 3 customers will soon notice the Vodafone logo appear alongside the 3 logo so they slowly become accustomed to the realities of being a Vodafone customer. 3 has assured their customers that “for now nothing changes,” and there’s no action they need to take.

3 has prompted consumers to remember that Vodafone is investing more than $1 billion to upgrade their network. This was in response to numerous complaints last year about the breakdowns on the Vodafone network, which lead to the unfortunate nickname “Vodafail.”

Customers with 3 who have been taking advantage of Telstra national roaming when out of coverage will soon find themselves roaming onto the Vodafone 2G and 3G networks instead. This service of course will be free.

Existing customers will still be able to recharge their prepaid services via the 3 website. Cricketer Adam Gilchrist has become the spokesperson for making the shift from 3 to Vodafone, with a testimonial which says “For over five years I was really happy on 3. And after they got together with Vodafone two years ago, they asked me if I’d like to make the move over...My experience on Vodafone has been great.”


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