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Vodafone offers new policy that guarantees good coverage

  • Vodafone guarantees good coverage
  • Leave contract without penalty
  • Vodafone's network and consumer trust looking up
Written by Mikaella Clements

Vodafone are making a determined effort to turn their image around, with a new guarantee for good coverage.

Vodafone network guarantee

After losing over half a million customers since mid-2010 to complaints of bad service and nonexistent coverage, Vodafone have rebooted their networks and their image. Following a burst of advertising to promote their newly improved network and service, Vodafone announced their new guarantee policy.

The guarantee allows customers to opt out of a contract if they're not happy with the network speed within the first 30 days of signing up.

There are some hoops to jump through if a customer is unhappy with their Vodafone coverage: customers will need to file a claim and return their phone and modem along with the packaging, equipment, and purchase receipt to a Vodafone store. However, the option will certainly be appreciated by customers who sign up for long contracts only to find that the service in their area is inappropriate or insufficient for their needs. It's a great move to generate goodwill for a provider who has attracted a fair amount of backlash since they started up.

The guarantee is also a canny business move to attract new customers who might be drawn to Vodafone's great deals but wary of some of the negativity around the provider. Having the chance to opt out if the service is unsatisfactory will draw new customers who need not fear being signed into long contract.

Undoubtedly, too, Vodafone will keep a great deal of these customers. The provider has made substantial changes and improvements to their network which will see them making a lot of customers very happy and will hopefully rid customers of their wariness around Vodafone.

Though the provider has had network difficulties in the past, they've made a concerted and diligent effort to upgrade their network and now have quality service to match their great bargains.

Vodafone Australia CEO Nigel Dews said: "We fast-tracked our $1 billion network investment from the start of last year to deliver a better network experience to our customers. We've now completed more than two-thirds of our new 850MHz network build, and we plan to have this completed by Q3 this year."

The result will (hopefully!) be a network that delivers fast and reliable service to both its mobile and internet customers. The Vodafone guarantee will further help to gain trust from Australian consumers by putting its money where its mouth is and proving that the provider has faith in its new network. They've got us convinced!

If you're attracted to Vodafone's great bargains and new and improved customer service policies, give us a call on 1300 106 571 to find the best plan for you.



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