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Want satisfaction? Try an Apple iPhone on Virgin Mobile

  • Virgin Mobile tops customer satisfaction poll for mobile providers
  • Apple iPhone favoured handset
  • Special offer combines the two for less than $50 a month
Written by Sarah McDonald

The secret to becoming a happy mobile phone customer is very simple: use an Apple iPhone on Virgin Mobile's network, according to market researchers Roy Morgan.

Market researchers Roy Morgan poll consumers regularly to find out which brands are making people happy and rank the top five contenders in terms of the percentage of customers who describe themselves as 'very' or 'fairly' satisfied.

Apple has won April's award for most satisfied customers, with a convincing 95% of owners feeling 'fairly satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with their handset.

HTC customers ranked second, with Blackberry third, Samsung fourth and Nokia trailing in fifth position.

As for mobile phone service providers, Virgin topped the satisfaction chart with an 82% satisfaction rating, followed by Optus, with Telstra coming in third, 3 in fourth and Vodafone in last position.

All in all, it must be concluded that Virgin customers on iPhone plans must be feeling very pleased with themselves.

The iPhone is one of the most popular handsets on the market. In a survey from Google and Ipsos recently, 50% of Australian smartphone owners were using the iPhone operating system, compared to 25% who used Android.

Global iPhone sales hit 35 million for the second quarter, a massive 88% increase from the same period last year.

Apple's Australian, and global, success shows no sign of slowing and already rumours are circulating in anticipation of the next iPhone.

Virgin Mobile built its Australian brand on fairness and good customer service, which appears to be paying off in terms of high customer satisfaction levels.

Virgin Mobile

Fortunately, it's now cheaper to combine the two customer satisfaction stars. Virgin Mobile is offering the iPhone 4S 16GB on its Postpaid Big Plan, with a $29 cap and $19 in handset repayments. That brings the total monthly repayment to $48 over 24 months.

If you sign up before July 1, Virgin Mobile is offering an extra 2GB on this plan, giving customers 2.25GB of data to use a month, plus $450 in calls and texts.

The Roy Morgan customer satisfaction data was gathered from surveys of over 8,000 people between November and April.


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