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Mobile articles by Adam Wajnberg

Adam is the content editor for Compare Broadband and Compare Mobile Plans. He is a telecommunications and internet industry veteran, having worked for almost every ISP and telco in Australia at one time or another. He specialises in cutting through the language used by providers and finding the real value in new plans and promotions. Contact Adam about his articles at [email protected].


How the NBN would deliver better mobile service

The National broadband Network (NBN) is being developed to deliver greater fixed line broadband capabilities. How would it have an impact on mobile phone and data, which relies on radio spectrum to de ... read more

Battle Royale – Flagship Phones

iPhone, Galaxy, RAZR, BlackBerry, Optimus, Lumia - which phone best captures everything about smartphones and makes what can be a daunting shopping experience into a 5 minute decision? read more

Dropping a smartphone for a week

An iPhone user has tried going back to an old dumbphone. It's not good. read more

Club Telco mobile plans

A look at Club telco mobile plans read more

Beyond the Black Rectangle – What’s next for mobile handset design?

The black rectangle is ubiquitous - because how else should a smartphone look? read more

HTC One X – Special Vodafone Online Deal

Vodafone will be the exclusive dealers for HTCs new One line of superphones. Their current online-only deal gives you one month's free access for 24-month contracts. read more

Are you rich? Your smartphone knows for sure

A survey by the Luxury Institute has uncovered the smartphone usage habits of people wealthy enough to afford the time to answer inane surveys. read more

Should I use an ISP as a mobile provider?

Many ISPs are in the mobile phone game as a means to provide a full service to their customers. But are these plans any good, or just a marketing tool? read more

Best Mobile Cap Plans – Month to Month contracts

A look at post paid plans with no binding contract beyond 1 month, for customers who own their phone outright. read more

The new Apple iPad and the 4G saga

The ACCC has taken Apple to task over the marketing of their new iPad, which claims to have 4G even though there are no compatible networks in Australia. Should you even care? read more

What do I do with my old mobile?

With new mobiles coming out every few seconds, an avalanche of busted old phones are sitting in landfills around Australia- and a tidal wave of old smartphones might be joining them soon. read more

Is it worth buying a mobile phone online?

Most of us want to buy a phone in a shop, where we can kick the tires and see if it suits us. But is it worth it? Online shopping for mobiles is getting easier and easier. read more