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Written by Mikaella Clements

Australia is lucky when it comes to its mobile market. Every provider carries every phone, just about, and as a result competition in the market is fierce. Every plan screams "pick me, pick me!" and the one who can come out on top – if they're canny and read the fine print – is the customer.

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The downside of this amount of sheer competition is noise. The amount of plans and providers out there can seem overwhelming, and when you add special deals and offers to that, it can become impossible to find out what's going on and what's worth looking at.

To save you throwing darts at a board covered with fliers and promo offers from various providers, we bring you a guide to some of the best offers and specials that are available at the moment through four big providers. Keep in mind that special offers, by their very nature, tend to expire fast. If you're reading this as it is on the home page now, jump fast – if you're reading this article months later, don't blame us if you've already missed out. And don't lose faith; there's sure to be another great promo just waiting around the corner. Give us a call on 1300 850 518 for some tips on what might be out at the moment.

With that caveat, in this article we'll be analysing some of the best offers available, and whether or not they're worth jumping on at the moment. (Spoiler: usually the answer is yes. We're a fan of bargains.)



We've long been fans of Amaysim and their unlimited SIM mobile plan. The first provider in Australia to offer an unlimited plan that included calls to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers, Amaysim are also great for their 0-month contract and the whopping 4GB of data they offer along with unlimited calls and texts.

They are currently conducting a flash sale today and tomorrow – that's ending on the evening of June 7th, folks – that gives you 25% off your first order.

That means that you can sign up for Amaysim's Unlimited SIM Only Post-Paid Plan for only $29.95 for your first payment – a $10 saving on an already bargain deal. This sale ends tomorrow night, so make sure to call Amaysim today on 1300 791 895.

As good as it sounds? Sure! It's not a hugely significant discount, mostly because Amaysim are already so inexpensive, but the Unlimited SIM remains one of the best mobile plans out there. If you already have a phone that you're comfortable with and don't mind that it's SIM-only, you can't go wrong with Amaysim's transparent policies (no hidden charges), friendly Australian based customer support, and 0-month contract in case the Optus network that they use doesn't turn out to be great in your area. If you are looking for data for your iPad or laptop rather than your smartphone, check out Amaysim broadband plans instead.


Virgin Mobile


We wrote last week about Virgin mobile and their great new special offers on the Virgin Mobile Big Plans; this week, they've upped the ante with a special offer around Samsung's new flagship phone, the Galaxy SIII.

On the Virgin Mobile $49 Fair Go Plan, $59 Fair Go Plan, and $89 Topless Plan, the Galaxy SIII is available for the first five months for 50% off the access fee. That means you could be saving as much as $44.50 a month for the first five months, with a total saving of $222.50.

It's a great offer and a great way to take advantage of Virgin's already generous offers on the new Galaxy SIII. The Galaxy SIII has received a lot of praise from various reviewers, and if you're in the market for a new phone, run don't walk for Virgin's latest offer.

But hurry – this deal expires at midnight on the 13th of June. Call Virgin now on 1300 302 649.

As good as it sounds? Yes! It's actually a pretty big deal to get a phone this new and this celebrated on this big a discount so early into its release. We'd recommend you go for the $89 Topless Plan, provided that you're able to afford the full fee after the first five months are over. It offers the best value discount and Virgin are currently offering one of the cheapest unlimited plans that still gets you a brand new phone.



Vodafone have been through a lot of strife over the past eighteen months or so, with severe complaints and accusations around the quality of their network. Vodafone are making a massive effort to turn their image around, with a new Vodafone Network Guarantee that allows you to return your phone and default out of the plan within the first month if you find the service is unsatisfactory. They've still been having a hard time of it, though, with a reported 128,000 subscribers leaving in the first quarter of this year.

We've already written a detailed analysis of Vodafone's woes, but I'd like to stress again that it's not a good idea to write Vodafone off. The repairs to their network have been extensive; if you're living in a metropolitan area, chances are that you'd be fine with Vodafone's coverage as it is. And that's a good thing, because Vodafone are doing their very best to woo you.

Vodafone tend to have a range of special offers going on at any given time. Notably, if you buy online on a range of plans you can usually get the first two months free. This includes the new Samsung Galaxy SIII on the $59 Cap (with an extra $5 per month in handset charges) – normally you'd be paying $64 per month, but under this offer you'd save $128 from the first two months.

Call Vodafone now on 1300 850 518.

As good as it sounds? Yes, but don't feel in any particular hurry to run out and get it. Vodafone's climb back up to the top – presuming it happens – isn't going to be a fast one, based on the latest figures, and so it's more than likely that you'll be able to get a good deal with them whenever you decide to switch over. Maybe wait until the new iPhone comes out, to see what Vodafone does to beat the competition, or at the very least until you're sick to death of your current contract and phone. There's no need to race for these deals – Vodafone are handing them out like consolation prizes to those who trail in past the finish line last.




The Optus offer that continues to titillate and fascinate customers and commentators alike is their $89 plan with free broadband.

We've already written extensively about the plan and its pros and cons, but in an article about special offers it deserves a second (or third, or fourth...) mention. The plan is essentially an $89 Unlimited Mobile Plan, offering unlimited calls to all Australian numbers including 13 and 1800 numbers, unlimited text messages, and 2GB of data. You can get a range of great phones on it, including the brand new HTC One X for no additional cost. Then, it includes a free 50GB Naked Broadband connection to your home – a cable connection, if cable is available in your area. They provide a free WiFi modem and no set up fees.

Call Optus now for more information or to sign up on 1300 302 412.

As good as it sounds? Maaaaaybe. The Optus deal is definitely an interesting one, which is probably why so many people have been talking about it. But it is a little bit complicated – while the broadband is contract free, you have to sign up to a 24 month contract for the mobile plan. You have no option to increase the broadband data (even if you're willing to pay for that), and the mobile data allowance falls into that fatal trap of being small (only 2GB) with huge excess usage charges (25c per MB, or $250 per GB).

We'd recommend going with this Optus plan only if you're looking for a new phone and want one that Optus provides on the plan (like the iPhone, Galaxy Note, or Galaxy Nexus – all pretty cheap). It's (for the most part) a pretty good unlimited plan, and the 50GB of free broadband is a really fun bonus, especially if you're able to get Optus cable in your area. However, if you have a handset you're happy with, you'd be better off getting an Unlimited SIM from Dodo or Amaysim, and a Naked Broadband connection from someone like MyNetFone (who offer a free modem and free set up on a 12 month contract – call them on 1300 303 478). This way, you'll be able to customise a plan that suits you and avoid some of the fiddly aspects of the Optus plan.

Hopefully this guide has helped you find the special offer you didn't know you desperately needed! If you're still having trouble finding a good value plan that's right for you, give us a call on 1300 850 518.


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