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Vodafone continues customer win-back - coupon deal until May 15

  • $25 off any online order
  • Vodafone offering excellent phones on the cheap
  • Plans from Amaysim and Dodo offering stiff competition
Written by Adam Wajnberg

Vodafone is continuing their campaign to win back customers with great phone deals, a $1 billion network upgrade and now a $25 coupon saving on new phones, running until May 15. To take advantage of this code, click on the link below to take you to the Vodafone online store, and when you reach the check out, simply enter coupon code 25SAVE to get an immediate $25 off your first month’s service.

Click here to check out Vodafone’s Online Store for great savings on new phones!

Click here to check out Amaysim’s SIM only $39 Unlimited plan, great if you already have a smartphone – or call 1300 302 942!

Dodo’s $39 Magic SIM plan is even better than Amaysim’s – comes with 100 free international minutes and 5GB of data! Or call 1300 136 793


vodafone coupon


Vodafone has always been generous with their plans and offers, but they’ve been on the comeback trail since a disastrous 2010, since when they’ve lost 500,000+ customers. Many customers left Big Red after what appeared to be a poor integration of 3 Mobile, whom they bought out, and a failure to accommodate the growing legions of smartphone users suddenly hitting their network with big data demands.

Since then, Vodafone has cleaned house, bringing in a new CEO from Vodafone’s global HQ, and transforming their network into one based on the same technology as Telstra’s NextG network. The improvements in network quality have been steadily accumulating, and Vodafone have been good about keeping customers in the loop with developments, in a bid to rebuild trust.


                    vodafone coupon


Along with their improved networks and customer focus, Vodafone has also been tempting customers with blockbuster deals on the latest and greatest smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S2, Australia’s most popular phone (that isn’t an iPhone) is now free on plans as low as $29 with Vodafone, while the iPhone. New big handsets like the Sony XPERIA S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus are coming with a bundled Playstation Vita handheld gaming system, and the still strong iPhone 4S is only $8 a month on the popular $49 cap plan. Vodafone is also offering their Vodafone Network Guarantee, which is a 30 day, no questions asked opt-out for customers unhappy with the quality of the network in their area.

All of these steps are good, but the other carriers haven’t been sitting on their hands. Telstra has moved on to 4G mobile, a much faster mobile data standard, which is currently spreading from the CBD of capital cities to eventually sit side by side with their NextG 3G service. Optus (1300 137 897) is beginning trials of their own 4G rollout in Newcastle, and Optus resellers like Amaysim and Dodo are offering ridiculous value on their $40 SIM-only plans.

We’re reaching a stage with smartphones where early adopters are on their 2nd or even 3rd model, and they’ve given their old phones to Mum and Dad. There are still plenty of people to sell a smartphone to, but Vodafone’s actual cap plans are going to have to improve a little bit before they can compete with Optus and Optus resellers, and their network will have to keep improving to otherwise deal with the competition from Telstra. But with all this competition, there’s never been a better time to be in the market for a great new phone.


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