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In a move dubbed ‘Vodafix’ (no doubt an attempt to both recall and refudiate the ‘Vodafail’ meme of 2010), Vodafone have reversed a decision made earlier this month to switch to per megabyte data counting and eliminating free social media data allowances, following customer backlash.       &nbs... Find out more
The trials and Tribulations of Vodafone Vodafone have had a rough stint over the past few years, with a network crippling merger with 3 and a consequent trail of hiccups and blackouts leaving them haemorrhaging customers and money as a result.  But they haven't given up the fight. Call them the little engine that could, or a dead horse, whate... Find out more
Vodafone has had their problems in the past few years, and they’re doing everything they can to fix it. Apart from their $1bn network upgrade, they have also entered into network sharing agreements with Optus for the future, and have been maintaining an active social media presence on twitter and Facebook to keep customers in the loop on thei... Find out more
Vodafone is the ExxonMobil of the telecoms world. The UK juggernaut has nearly 450 million subscribers across the world, with a market capitalization of $100bn, letting it hang with mining companies, banks and oil giants. Since its beginnings in the early 90’s, Big Red has marched across the globe and swallowed parts or all of Orange, Hutchis... Find out more
Vodafone have continued their streak of breaking record plan prices with a new iPhone offer.The 16GB iPhone 4S is now available on Vodafone's $49 Cap for only an additional $8 per month for handset costs. This means that overall, you will only be paying $57 per month for a brand new iPhone. This is undoubtedly the best iPhone plan in the market ... Find out more
Vodafone is continuing their campaign to win back customers with great phone deals, a $1 billion network upgrade and now a $25 coupon saving on new phones, running until May 15. To take advantage of this code, click on the link below to take you to the Vodafone online store, and when you reach the check out, simply enter coupon code 25SAVE to get a... Find out more
Vodafone has introduced a new free app for Android smartphones geared towards keeping children safe online.   The app allows parents to monitor and control smartphone usage amongst their children. It comes pre-programmed with three age-specific settings for 7-8 year olds, 9-10 year olds, and 11-12 year olds, but settings can be customized ... Find out more
Who are they suited for? Heavy phone users, customers who make some international calls and text.Pros: Short contracts available, a range of handsets to choose from, you never have to worry about going over your cap with too many national phone calls!Cons: You will need to pay a little bit more for your handset than if you were to sign up to one of... Find out more
The privacy commissioner will investigate Vodafone for a possible privacy breach after customer information was leaked on the internet. Timothy Pilgrim said: "All organisations should ensure the security of their customers’ personal information, or risk breaching the Privacy Act and causing serious customer dissatisfaction and possible loss ... Find out more
Both Vodafone and 3 will exclusively launch the Android-based HTC Desire HD.  Vodafone-Hutchison Australia (VHA) will be announcing the plans for the handset closer to the launch date, which is set for some time later this year.Ross Parker, general manager of devices and pricing, said: "VHA is excited to be the exclusive carrier for the HTC De... Find out more
Vodafone’s new $19 cap is perfect for customers who want a low monthly spend, but also wish for a new mobile phone at no additional cost.Vodafone’s new mobile phone plan offers $70 credit each month, plus another $70 of credit for calls to other Vodafone mobiles. The standard call rate is the same as Vodafone’s higher cap plans, w... Find out more
Vodafone have this week launched a free iPhone application that allows you to view and access all of your social networking sites via one easy interface.Vodafone Update is an aggregation application that combines your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitpic accounts together.After you have given your details for each website and allowed th... Find out more