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Which network is best for the iPhone?

  • iPhone still leading the smartphone market
  • Provided across all networks
  • Big data plans to take advantage of all those internet capable apps

All mobile providers have firmly adopted the iPhone in Australia, with mobile plans enticing users with fast broadband speeds, free connections to social networking and free PXT messages just to name a few. But which network offers the best deals for customers wishing to use an iPhone? Well, it really depends what you are looking to use your iPhone for. Read on to find out . . .

Unlimited PXT and TXT

The iPhone’s navigation system makes it easier than ever before to take photos and share them with friends. Some providers have noticed this, and offer unlimited PXT and TXT messages within Australia on their special iPhone plans. Some mobile phone operators who offer this service are:
Optus (higher end plans)

Free access to social networking sites

Social networking sites make up a significant percentage of Internet traffic in Australia. Unfortunately, accessing and utilising these sites can also use up a large amount of bandwidth, which can be dangerous when you consider the small amount of data offered with some mobile phone plans. Some mobile phone providers have foreseen this issue and released caps that include unlimited access to popular social networking sites within Australia. These sites commonly include Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Foursquare, as well as other commonly accessed sites like e-bay.
Some mobile phone operators who offer this service are:

Large data limits

The iPhone completely revolutionised the mobile phone market in terms of its application store and iTunes compatibility. Consequentially, the demand for mobile data has exploded with paltry, existing caps unsuitable for the usage patterns of the modern era. Luckily, many providers have realised this and increased their data limits correspondingly, giving users respite from horrific over-limit data fees and reduced speeds.
Some mobile phone operators who offer this service are:
Optus (higher end plans)

Which network should I choose?

Mobile providers constantly have new deals and specials for the iPhone popping up as updated handsets are released. The most important thing, however, is to select a plan that ticks all the boxes in terms of your usage. If you constantly monitor Facebook and use a lot of Internet data, then select a network that offers you free social networking traffic and large data caps.


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