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Mobile articles by Adam Wajnberg

Adam is the content editor for Compare Broadband and Compare Mobile Plans. He is a telecommunications and internet industry veteran, having worked for almost every ISP and telco in Australia at one time or another. He specialises in cutting through the language used by providers and finding the real value in new plans and promotions. Contact Adam about his articles at [email protected].


Why do mobile phone services feel like such a rip-off?

Why does it seem like mobile phone services get worse every year? Complex plans, expensive exclusions, terrible customer service - what's the best way to avoid this mess? read more

Optus release HTC One SV – 4G on the cheap

Getting a cheap 4G phone that won't fall apart is still a challenge - but Optus are bringing in a good option with the HTC One SV read more

Can Telstra win the low-cost mobile wars?

With their acquisition of the Boost Mobile license and with wholesale pre-paid opening up, Telstra is set to enter the MVNO market in a big way. Can they compete? More importantly, can Optus and Vodaf ... read more

The Mobile Arms Race: A Halt to Innovation?

With Apple settling in to a period of relative complacency, wheere will the next big leap forward come in mobile handset innovation? read more

How to call 1300 numbers for free

Calls to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are often not included with otherwise generous Cap Plans - but these numbers often correspond to important services. How to get around paying over the odds? read more

Where to go for more Mobile Data?

Which providers are packing in more mobile data for less money? read more

TIO Annual Report: 63% of complaints about mobile

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman 2012 report shows an overall slight decrease in overall communications complaints, but a worrying rise in complaints about mobiles- which accounted for 2 out ... read more

Telstra buys Boost Mobile

Telstra has bought Boost Mobile. Could the $40 Unlimited, sim-only phenomenon be offered on Telstra's LTE Network? read more

Compare: Mini Tablets

With the announcement of the iPad Mini, we can now officially care about the mini tablet market. But do you want a scaled down version of a 'real tablet', or can smaller just be better on its own? read more

How To: Turn off Ad Tracking in iOS 6

Ad tracking in iOS 6 is switched on by default, but there is a hidden method to opting out. This is still better than what came before. read more

In depth: Dodo WorldSIM (Global Roaming)

Dodo WorldSIM is the first major attempt from a mobile provider to offer a good value deal on Global Roaming, traditionally the most expensive mobile service on offer. How does it stack up to traditio ... read more

Wrap Up: What’s Happening in Mobiles

Christmas is nearly upon us! Could that mean new smartphones?!? Yes, but that'd be happening if this was June. These companies can't stop themselves. read more