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Buying a mobile phone outright

  • Can be cheaper overall
  • Allows more choice in provider
  • Avoid unlocking fees
Written by Alana Faigen

Purchasing a mobile phone outright can make it easier to manage your budget in the long run, and it also means you can choose a mobile plan with a short term contract period. The price range for a new mobile is immense – they can start as low as $19, and go all the way up to about $1000.

Most mobile providers who offer mobile handsets to purchase outright do so with a prepaid offer. Often, when you purchase a new handset you’ll also get some bonus credit included, along with a new SIM card (with the option to either get a new mobile number or keep your existing phone number.

While you may be purchasing a new mobile handset from the provider who you also want the plan from, this may not always be the case. However, you should be aware that some phones are locked to a particular provider. For example, if you purchase a prepaid phone from Optus, you may find that it’s locked to the Optus network. Although, there are a number of providers who use the Optus network such as Virgin Mobile who you could also use the mobile with. It is usually possible to unlock a phone from a particular network, however you will usually need to pay a fee.

As new phones are continuously released on the market, existing ones are often reduced so it’s worth keeping up to date with the latest mobile phone prices.

Outright phones with Dodo

Dodo offers some of the most popular handsets for purchase outright. Dodo offers the handsets separate from any prepaid plan, so you won’t be paying for any extra call credit if it’s just the phone you’re after. They offer the widest range of outright phones. We’ve included some of the most popular handsets below.

Samsung E1170 $49
Nokia E5 $199
Samsung Galaxy S $380
Motorola Defy $440
HTC Incredible S $470
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc $515
Nokia N9 16GB $618
Samsung Galaxy S II $620
Nokia N9 64GB $835

Call Dodo on 1300 136 793 if you’re interested in purchasing one of their mobiles.

Outright phones with Virgin Mobile

Virgin offers their outright phones as part of a prepaid offer, which means there’ll be some call/data value included with each new handset bought outright. Currently, they don’t have a wide range of prepaid phones.

Nokia 1800 $19 – this offer also includes $10 of included value and unlimited calls and text Virgin-to-Virgin.
LG Optimus One $99 – this offer also includes $10 of included value and unlimited calls and text Virgin-to-Virgin.

Call Virgin mobile on 1300 768 103 to find out more.

Outright phones with Optus

Nokia 2730 $44.10
Nokia E63 $89.10

Call Optus on 1300 768 194 to purchase one of their prepaid plans.

Outright phones with Telstra

Motorola Defy $299
Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB $429

Call us on 1300 106 571 to find out more about their prepaid plans.

Once you have found a new handset, you may want to read about no contract Australian mobile plans.


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