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Getting a 3G connection for a smartphone is pretty cut and dried right now. Every phone can support it, every network has great deals with plenty of data, and buying a phone cheaply and getting a SIM only plan is a viable alternative to buying a phone on contract.Call Optus on 1300 137 897 for info on the HTC One SV But 4G is still new, and stil... Find out more
Optus has joined Telstra and Vodafone in implementing the national location-based mobile telephone emergency warning system, for rollout over the next 12 months. For customers in federally declared emergency zones, regular SMS updates will be broadcast to all users to alert to safety points and to publish contact numbers for essential services. Un... Find out more
Telstra, Australia’s largest telco, cops a lot of media flack. They present an easy target, as a firm that sets the pace for both wholesale and retail telecommunications in Australia, and also as a company that is happy to charge a blue-ribbon price for a service that hits and misses about as much as most of its low cost competition. But for ... Find out more
iiNet CEO Michael Malone offered a strong opinion of Telstra’s wholesale 3G offering today in a call to journalists, decrying the telco giant for offering ‘yesterday’s technology’, according to report from IT site ZDNet. iiNet offers a mobile phone service to some 80,000 customers as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator... Find out more
The Fairfax press is reporting Q4 profits for Optus, Australia's second-largest telecommunications company. The $177mn profit on $2.4bn revenue is slightly up from the same in 2010, suggesting that Optus is doing well despite rising competition. Mobile services, including mobile phones and mobile broadband, accounted for two thirds of revenue. Opt... Find out more
Optus has announced an investment of $25 million to triple their mobile network coverage across Tasmania. When the upgrade is complete, there will be over 100 Optus base stations across the state. The upgrade will see at least 45 towns that will for the first time have an option other than using Telstra’s Next G network. “With this sign... Find out more
Optus claims to be "changing the face of prepaid" with unlimited calls and internet browsing on its new Dollar Days mobile plan offer.And it looks that way. While prepaid plans typically involve a complex list of inclusions, exclusions, bonuses and added costs, Optus has tried to boil it down into something a little simpler. And as always with prep... Find out more
Following its expansion, Optus has bestowed its 3G network with its very own brand name: “The Open Network.”Now with its very own identity, the Optus 3G network can compete head-to-head with Telstra’s Next G network.Optus' corporate marketing director Michael Smith said the new label would allow Optus to bring Optus' dual ... Find out more
On May 13th, 2010 Optus recorded its strongest growth levels to date as its share of the Australian mobile market grew by 11 per cent. Optus mobile services flourished in the last quarter increasing its customer base by 254,000, as annual net additions reached 709,000 and profit margins grew by 30 percent (EBITA). Optus also recorded a 17 per cent ... Find out more
Optus mobile phone customers will soon be able to check their Facebook, Myspace and Twitter accounts via the new Social View option in Optus Zoo.Optus has teamed up with European software company Myriad to please social networkers on the Optus Network, so they can soon be updating their status and checking out the latest news feeds on their web bro... Find out more