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The Compare Mobile Plans editorial team brings you daily news, features and deals from the world of tech and mobile phones. Expert writers are on hand to answer any questions and explain complicated jargon. You can contact us with any questions, ideas for articles you would like to see on the site or to tell us your views on phones or network providers.

We're also happy to comment on mobile issues in the press or help journalists with their enquiries. Journalists can contact Compare Mobile Plans on [email protected]

Adam is the content editor for Compare Broadband and Compare Mobile Plans. He is a telecommunications and internet industry veteran, having worked for almost every ISP and telco in Australia at one time or another. He specialises in cutting through the language used by providers and finding the real value in new plans and promotions. Contact Adam about his articles at [email protected].


Adam’s Latest Articles

Best Phone Deals from Optus and Vodafone

Vodafone and Optus are still your best bet when it comes to getting a new phone with your plan read more

How the New TCP Code will Make Buying Mobile Services Easier

How the New TCP Code will Make Buying Mobile Services Easier read more

Best Mobile Plans for Overseas Calls

With Virgin bumping up their mobile rates for international calls, is there anywhere to turn for students and other users who rely on a mobile but still want to call OS? read more

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Mikaella wrote for Compare Broadband until August 2012. She was previously Compare Broadband's "Ask The Expert" expert, as she is all too familiar with trying to wade her way through broadband jargon and advertising to seek out solutions. She is now studying Classic Literature in the USA. Contact Compare Broadband about Mikaella's articles at [email protected]

Mikaella’s Latest Articles

Australians more addicted than ever to smartphones

Australians more addicted than ever to smartphones read more

Optus surging ahead in mobile coverage

Optus surging ahead in mobile coverage read more

TPG joins Optus and Telstra in the race to 4G

TPG joins Optus and Telstra in the race to 4G read more

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Sarah was site editor of Compare Broadband until September 2012. She previously worked as a consumer journalist in the UK. Contact Compare Broadband about Sarah's articles at [email protected]

Sarah’s Latest Articles

Want satisfaction? Try an Apple iPhone on Virgin Mobile

Survey shows Virgin Mobile and Apple iPhone is a satisfying combination read more

TransACT mobile plan: Top five reasons to get one

TransACT offers great value mobile plans across Australia on the Vodafone network. read more

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Alana worked for Compare Broadband as a writer, keeping the site up to date on wireless technology. Alana has written articles analysing the best Mobile Broadband plans and how to get the most out of your broadband speed. Contact Compare Broadband about Alana's articles at [email protected]

Alana’s Latest Articles

Mobile phone trends for 2012

Hottest mobile phone trends for 2012. read more

The best of the non-smartphones

Not everybody has or wants a smartphone. Some people just want a phone without the fancy bits on top. The advantages of a non-smartphone compared to a smartphone is that they can be cheaper, lighter, ... read more

Buying a mobile phone outright

Purchasing a mobile phone outright can make it easier to manage your budget in the long run, and it also means you can choose a mobile plan with a short term contract period. The price range for a new ... read more

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Jesse was Compare Broadband's ADSL and ADSL2+ guru and specialised in cutting through broadband jargon to simplify the process of buying a plan, until leaving in September 2011. Contact Compare Broadband about Jesse's articles at [email protected]

Jesse’s Latest Articles

How to unlock your Apple iPhone in Australia

If you have an Apple iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4 and are considering travelling overseas, you’ll need to unlock the phone from your current phone provider. International roaming costs are exorb ... read more

How to reduce the cost of your mobile phone bill

The first, and probably the most important way to keep your mobile phone bill down each month is to find the right plan to suit your needs. read more

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Jessica wrote articles on new technologies for Compare Broadband until June 2012, before moving onto pastures new. Contact Compare Broadband about Jessica's articles at [email protected]

Jessica’s Latest Articles

Samsung GALAXY S III plans

Samsung Galaxy S III's release last week has seen people jump in excitement for the best Android phone and plans on the market. read more

iPad Personal Hotspot

Following the new release of iPad 3, (known simply as iPad,) Apple has updated its carrier settings to incorporate Personal Hotspot for its users. read more

iPhone repairs up in smoke

If you’re thinking of repairing an iPhone from an unauthorized service provider just to save some cash, then think again. read more

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Sam is a gadget junkie, taping his Discman and home phone together and gluing it to his fathers PDA long before the iphone was around. Having worked accross multiple telcos in roles across service, logistics and operations, he'll be able to give you a picture of whats on offer, how they'll benefit you and the devlopments in the industry that matter to the consumer. Contact Compare Broadband about Sam's articles at [email protected]

Sam’s Latest Articles

Getting the most out of your tablet - Cool apps and Data Deals

Finding a way to fill your $1000 Tablet with good applications can be hard, sorting through 13551 variants of organisation apps in the Marketplace can be confusing, read on to find a run down of some ... read more

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Kat is a former site contributor for VTAC and is currently studying graphic design. Her specialty is in writing about new mobile apps for iOS and Android. She can be reached for questions about her articles at [email protected]  

Katarina’s Latest Articles

Apple releases iPhone game controllers

The first official iOS game controller has finally been released. Earlier this year Apple announced plans to develop a standardised game controller to be used across their iOS platforms. The concept b ... read more

Samsung to pay Apple $290 million for infringement

A Californian jury has reached the verdict that Samsung should pay Apple $290 million (AU $311.74 million) for patent infringement. read more

Facebook to buy BlackBerry?

According to reports by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is interested in buying the BlackBerry. Reportedly several Facebook executives met with BlackBerry last week to discuss the potential buy out. read more

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James is a writer by day and an obsessed audio/technology freak at night, usually found tweaking his hifi or mixer for hours until perfect. He is content writer for Compare Broadband, informing readers on new technology and the ever-developing state of the internet. He will help you understand what plan best suits your needs, whoever you are! James can be reached about his articles at [email protected]

James’s Latest Articles

CyanogenMod meets it's maker

Overstock, one of America’s largest online retailers totalling 1.1 billion dollars in revenue last year, started accepting bitcoin late last week. Is a game changer for the adoption of Bitcoin for lar ... read more

Jelly. The new app from the makers of Twitter.

Jelly is dubbed a “Q&A” network and aims to answer life's greatest questions. Or rather it aims to get you to answer life’s greatest questions.The new app from the makers of Twitter. read more

Encrypted Texts coming to 10 million Android users

Several months ago we investigated the ramifications of NSA’s PRISM program and how the online community was reacting. We offered a number of solutions that allowed users to encrypt both their calls a ... read more

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Jade is a content writer for Compare Broadband and Compare Mobile Plans.  She is heavy internet user who likes to stay up to date with TV shows and movies.  She is eager to help, and always on the lookout for the best mobile and broadband plans. Contact Jade about her articles at [email protected]

Jade’s Latest Articles

Optus vs. Telstra – Which provider has the best mobile plan?

Australia’s telecommunications market is increasingly competitive. Whilst Telstra and Optus remain dominant, holding 42% and 34% of the mobile market share respectively, both have introduced new ‘no-l ... read more

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Nicolle is a copywriter and social media manager for Compare Broadband. Not always known for being the most tech-savvy person in the office (but always keen on a bargain), Nicolle looks to make things as simple as possible by dispelling the confusion of industry jargon as she herself wades through it. Outside of office hours, Nicolle is a travel writer, reminiscing on the days where her main knowledge of the internet revolved around finding the nearest WiFi to update her Instagram. Contact Nicolle about her articles at [email protected].

Nicolle’s Latest Articles